Classic Mini Cooper VS Modern Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper is an exclusive, eye-catching vehicle and it is unlikely to meet anyone who would not like this charming car. However, it is often noticed that Mini enthusiasts are divided into two groups. Some prefer the Classic Mini Cooper, others are fans of the Modern Mini Cooper. How are they similar and how are they different? Which one is the best to choose?

Design. Some say the new version of any item cannot surpass the original. Mini Cooper is no exception either. Although the design of the Mini has changed significantly over the years, it would be hard to deny that both models are attractive in their own way. The Modern Mini Cooper has retained the unique shape of the classic Mini Cooper and still has some vintage touches. Since design is a rather subjective thing, deciding which model is more attractive will be left to you.

Space inside. If the capacity issue of the classic Mini Cooper can really become a demanding task, modern Mini Cooper drivers no longer face this problem. They say that the fact of Mini Coopers being small becomes a stereotype as there is plenty of space in the new models. Even tall drivers praise the Mini’s new models, saying that it is the one you can drive really comfortably and fit a lot of luggage as well. Even a visual comparison of the cars shows that the new Mini Cooper is almost twice the size of the classic Mini Cooper. An interesting fact: the officially achieved record shows that the new Mini set by EMC is fitting 26 people.

Comfort. Undoubtedly, the classic Mini Coopers also came in a complectation that is far from our understanding nowadays. For example, Classic Mini Cooper did not include steering wheel, radio, heater or even seatbelts. Therefore, choosing a classic Mini Cooper can be a really difficult task for drivers accustomed to comfort. And how important is comfort to you?

Reliability and maintenance. This is another important thing that has a direct impact on your spending. Of course, you can get the classic Mini Cooper for very little money compared to the Modern Mini Cooper. The price of classic Mini Cooper parts and their replacement will be cheaper. Still, it must be acknowledged that an older car is more likely to break down. Therefore, the car may need to visit a car service more often than a Modern Mini Cooper. However, the classic one is better in terms of fuel economy. Just the classic Mini Cooper accelerates slowlier and the maximum speed it achieves is lower than the modern Mini’s one.

All in all, both models have their pros and cons. And the final choice depends only on one‘s  attitude and the aspects that are important to him/her. One will name design, tradition and uniqueness as the most significant aspects, while another will give his vote for comfort, reliability, safety and so on. Therefore, only you can answer the question which one of these two is the best to choose.