Class for Armed Security Officer Guard Card License in Tennessee, Tennessee

Training for Tennessee’s Armed Guard Forces

Because great training instills confidence, Alliance Training and Testing’s 16-hour armed security Guard training program guarantees that our students begin their career in Tennessee with the confidence they need to succeed. Students learn about Tennessee’s gun regulations, legal obligations, and how to choose the best guns and gear. Hands-on time with firearms is included in range training to enhance weapon manipulation abilities. Our high-quality training prepares students for tactical and real-life scenarios, and our knowledgeable instructors speak with authority.

Alliance Training and Testing Instructional Programs in Tennessee

The teaching packages provided by Alliance Training and Testing meet all criteria for obtaining a Tennessee licensure as an armed or unarmed security officer. By delivering quality security Guard training, we want to fill a need in the state of Tennessee for both armed and unarmed officers. Programs offered by Alliance Training and Testing Tennessee include training for both unarmed and armed officers, online on-demand unarmed guard license certification, armed upgrade license classes, and armed renewal license classes. Unarmed and armed officer licensing courses are also available. Individuals and businesses may take advantage of unarmed group discount prices ranging from 5% to 25% off. Here please visit for more information about Online Security Guard License Training Course Tennessee.

Licensing for security guards and security guard training Strategic Partnership

As a result of our cooperation, businesses may post job openings for free and easily find qualified applicants. The job board, free employment resources, and a free step-by-step licensing guide are available to aid students in completing the Tennessee licensing procedure and helping them find work.

The successful completion of this premium 16-hour course contains 4 hours of disarmed guard licensing training offered by Alliance Training & Testing LLC at our training location in Tennessee, TN. At Royal Range, Warren Smith offers eight extra hours of classroom instruction and four hours of range training.

State of Tennessee Military Training Requirements

The job of a security guard/officer is to safeguard people and property from criminal activity. They may be hired by a contract security firm or a proprietary security organization. Guards registered as armed guards can work in either an armed or unarmed capacity and are not needed to be registered as an “unarmed” guard in addition to their regular registration.

To be allowed to carry a firearm, all armed security guards must fulfill the registration criteria for armed guard licenses.

Prerequisites for this position include the following:

A part of the training is an assessment that covers the areas in which the student must have completed the training in order to be certified. All applicants are required to complete a four-hour foundation course, which includes one hour of each of the following components:

  • Orientation
  • A security guard’s/legal officer’s authority and restrictions.
  • Procedures to follow in an emergency.
  • Obligations of daily living

Weapons or other devices that are less deadly than fatal will be used regardless of further training.

An armed guard is required to undergo an extra eight hours of classroom instruction, which includes the following topics:

  • Using a firearm is subject to strict legal restrictions.
  • How to use a firearm
  • Gun safety and care

An armed guard candidate must also complete an extra four hours of shooting instruction and earn a score of at least 70% on a shadow target course certified by the commissioner.

What are the costs of Classes?

Students learn about Tennessee’s gun regulations, legal obligations, and how to choose the best guns and gear. Hands-on time with firearms is included in range training to enhance weapon manipulation abilities.

  • Students must get a combined score of 70 or above on the written and shooting examinations.
  • Cost: $160.00
  • Licensing for unarmed security officers is $50.00.
  • Training for a license as an armed security officer costs $110.00.


  • On the first day of class, $110.00 is payable.
  • Acceptable ways of payment are Cash Only