CKO Kickboxing Membership Prices: Define Your Fitness Needs with Our Guide

One of the most important decisions that you will make when it comes to CKO Kickboxing is which membership plan is right for you. CKO has a range of options, from monthly memberships to annual memberships. CKO also offers discounts and deals on their memberships, so look at the table below to see how much CKO Kickboxing membership prices are!

How Much will a CKO Kickboxing Membership Cost?

CKO Kickboxing costs square measure straight-forward. There’s one membership worth for CKO Kickboxing, with a flat monthly fee on prime of a start-up fee. For instance, the start-up fee prices $49.99, whereas the monthly membership fee at CKO Kickboxing is $90.

That is the entire value of a CKO Kickboxing membership! But, if you wish to cancel your membership before it expires, a cancellation fee of $200 is charged. Bear this in mind because it is quite a shock if you’re unaware of the prices!

While there’s no multiple club access membership at CKO Kickboxing, you’ll visit different clubs and take categories. However, you may be charged for this, though it’s typically less expensive, starting from $5-$20 looking at the placement.

What is enclosed with a CKO Kickboxing Membership?

A CKO Kickboxing membership grants unlimited access to kickboxing categories. These square measure intensive cluster exercise categories offer fantastic cardio and strength physical exercise. Appropriate for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, CKO Kickboxing categories provide fun and exciting thanks to getting into form.

Working out with different members builds a good sense of community too. Individuals square measure all here for a constant reason thus wishes to assist one another to win their fitness goals. Whereas it’s going to seem daunting, categories square measure hospitable for first-timers, with instructors giving all the data required to urge started.

With multiple categories accessible throughout the week, you’ll attend as several as you wish, along with your CKO Kickboxing membership. Compared to different monthly athletic facility membership costs, CKO Kickboxing is exceptionally cheap and offers you a targeted fitness program.

CKO Kickboxing Hours of Operation:

CKO Kickboxing hours square measure quite numerous attributable to the manner they operate. Categories square measure regularly throughout the entire week; thus, gap and shutting hours at CKO Kickboxing vary slightly.

For instance, some CKO Kickboxing hours begin early with a morning category, usually between 8 am and 9 am. types operate throughout the day, leading to more extended operations if there are many categories.

For example, several CKO Kickboxing categories run till 9-10 pm! This suggests they usually shut late within the day – suitable for obtaining a late-night workout!

Always check your native CKO Kickboxing category schedule for an entire breakdown of their hours!