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Citizenship by Investment is a process of acquiring citizenship in a particular country by investing in its economy through government-approved alternatives. It usually comprises real estate, donor funds, and government bonds. Individuals with second citizenship can avail all the advantages associated with being a citizen of a specific country.

A second passport from a particular country ensures all the benefits, like a citizen’s right to live, work, study, and avail world-class medical care, together with tax rebates and incentives, and involves global travel mobility through visa-free travel and visa-on-arrival perks.

Owning a second citizenship grants you the assurance and freedom to lead a fulfilling life and the potential to expand your business and secure a stable future for your family.

Why go for a second passport?

For starters, you will benefit from visa-free travel to 80% of the world, allowing flexibility in how you live your life or run your business. You can skip travel visa issues in chasing business opportunities. Your elderly parents, spouse, and children can acquire new citizenship through the same application as you. The government may grant the infant citizenship if the child is born after the parent has obtained citizenship.

What does the process involve, and how long does it take?

In many countries around the world, the citizenship by investing or donation process is identical. You can directly donate to the government or invest in real estate undertakings approved by it.

Each government performs a thorough background check on every applicant and runs its assessments via international organizations like Interpol. This evaluation is a rigorous procedure of due diligence that includes, among others, medical, police clearance, financial, and academic checks.

Some citizenship investment programs can be concluded in as little as 45 days, although the process typically takes six months.

How is it different from residency?

To simplify, if you need a second passport quickly, you should know that directly obtaining citizenship can take only 3-6 months. However, obtaining citizenship through a residency or naturalization can take at least 5-6 years.

How do I choose the best program for me?

Are you only interested in acquiring a passport for visa-free travel, or are you searching for a nation you and your family may immigrate to? Answering this can offer you some clarity.

Suppose you frequently travel to specific countries for work or personal reasons. In that case, consider the programs providing visa-free or visa-upon-arrival entry to different regions.

A European program may interest you if you seek a second home, relocation with your family for educational purposes, or an improved standard of living.

Applicants with large families can benefit from investing in countries providing more competitive investment packages for groups. Further, it is more promising to regard investment prospects instead of direct donations where relevant.

Single applicants or young couples may reflect on timing decisions as the cost of acquiring citizenship for spouses and offspring at a later stage differs between programs.

Will I be allowed to sell my investment and rent out my property?

There is a lock-in duration for all investment types. After this period, you may sell your investment to anyone, including those seeking a second passport. You may even put your property on rent after purchasing it.

Why Huriya Private

Huriya Private is a recognized firm with over 30 years of experience in offshore finance with offices and sound professional networks in UAE, Switzerland, Qatar, Cyprus, and Albania.

We have represented hundreds of customers worldwide with experience dealing with various application issues. Some of these include missing birth certificates or marriage documents to individuals who have been the subject of negative press in several countries.

Applicants can choose from Huriya Private’s wide assortment of citizenship programs, including countries like Canada, Ireland, and Greece. With our assistance, you can determine what meets your business and personal objectives while maximizing investments, securing your family’s future, and protecting travel mobility as needed.

It is our responsibility to prepare your citizenship application in the optimal format. Get in touch with us today.

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