Citizenship by Investment in Spain and Malta

There is no doubt a lot of red tapes involved with acquiring a second country’s citizenship. It almost seems that the more desirable your target country, the stricter its immigration laws are for foreigners. Unless you are an heir to some valuable land or have $10 million lyings around which you want to invest into building new infrastructure, then most governments will not give you their passport just because they like your face and sparkling personality.

However, there are a collection of countries that do exactly that.

The list is not large, and these countries are not particularly wealthy or politically powerful. Spain, Malta, Portugal, and Greece, for example, all have very simple citizenship by investment programs that will allow you to get your passport in less than six months.

But how do you know if a country has fair immigration laws? Watch out for exceptions—some of them are scams designed to trick well-meaning but naive investors into doing dubious business deals under lucrative conditions.

This article will discuss the most common citizenship by investment programs available through real estate investment, looking at Spain and Malta as examples and how you can benefit from such programs in these countries.

Let us start with ​the basics about Spanish citizenship by investment program.

Becoming a Spanish citizen is not easy but possible if you buy real estate in Spain.

As of December 2017, there are no other ways to get citizenship based on your knowledge or skill set. This law came into effect in July 2010, and it requires the investor to make an investment of €500K without requiring them to manage the property directly (it can be done via third-party companies).

The process takes time, which varies depending on how quickly everything goes as well as processing times from individual government offices involved. There have been exceptions when due diligence checks were not completed during the application process and took longer than usual. This was observed in particular with investors who did not provide all requested documents and information.

Spain offers a lot of opportunities regarding investment residency programs, the Entrepreneurs to get Spanish citizenship by investing in real estate and Passive Residency visas after just two years of residing in Spain (which also gives you the option to live anywhere in Europe). In Malta, an individual can apply for a residence permit after the real estate purchase has been made, which is why many other countries also choose Malta as preferred second citizenship by investment programs. The Malta Individual Investor Program is another fast-track second passport program that has been around for more than ten years. This specific visa allows you to reside in any country in the European Union without restrictions on your employment status within 90 days of receiving your Maltese passport. 

All these documents required for the application process should be prepared by an experienced immigration attorney, who will guide you through all the relevant steps and help with gathering the necessary information.

Any application requires good legal advice and support, and that is where our team comes in. There are many companies that are pioneers on how to apply for citizenship in Spain and Malta under their respective residency programs for non-EU nationals based on an investment only. Their knowledge from past years’ experience coupled with our business relationships enables us to manage every step of an application process professionally and efficiently. Mortimer International is one of these renowned international companies that can help individuals achieve their citizenship and residency goals.