Cigars of the Day: Best Cuban Cigars of 2021; Best Cuban Cigar Collection of 2021: A Website that have it all La Tienda Del Habanos

“There’s something about smoking a cigar that feels like a celebration. It’s like a fine wine. There’s a quality, a workmanship, a passion that goes into the smoking of a fine cigar”. – Demi Moore


In all those days when you have friend’s get-togethers, special evenings, meetings, occasions and celebrations and you need something extra ordinary to enhance your experience, these Cigars will fill the Gap!

Today, we are featuring La Tienda Del Habanos, a reputable online superstore who offers all types of Cuban Cigars, Accessories and Whiskey. La Tienda del Habano has come a long way from its beginnings in Spain, the Cuban cigar capital of the world. They promise a great online shopping experience to their visitors with finest premium cigars, since 2004. They also take pride in excellent customer services, great prices, and prompt deliveries around the Globe.


La Tienda del Habano is home to one of the largest cigar collections in the world. Their selection is competitive, affordable and 100% guaranteed to perform.

They bring many accessories along with Cuban and Davidoff Cigars and some limited edition cigars under one roof. For all those cigar lovers, who make sure to fill their tables with all the cigar related essentials La Tienda del Habanois the best available internet platform. 

Cuban Cigars:

Cuban cigars are known as the best, popular and classy cigars in the world due to the quality of tobacco they are made of.  They are appreciated by the large number of visitors who travel to Cuba for vacation. It ranges from €9.00 to €28000.00 with a variety of 22 types of cigars in a row including the most popular Cohiba, La Gloria and Raymon Allones cigars.

Davidoff Cigars:

Davidoff Cigars are the ideal luxury cigars, that brings high quality Dominican tobaccos, a flawless Connecticut wrapper and a luxurious smoking experience. It ranges from €160.00 to €2700.00. Most popular Davidoff Cigars in a row are Davidoff Winston Churchill Ambassador London Humidor worth €1350.00 and    worth €480.00 only.


With a wide range of premium Whiskey, as old as 30 years, that will boost your overall drinking experience and you will be amazed to see the economical price ranges from €25.00 to €500.00. Some of the best Whiskeys available are Crown Royal Special Reserve – 1980s worth €30.00, Dalmore 18 Year Oldworth €120.00 and Eagle Rare 10 Year Old worth €40.00 only.


When you are a cigar lover and love to spend time making all those smoky bubbles, you must have craved for pipes alongside. La Tienda del Habano is again there to fulfil your desires, it offers a variety of premium pipes where the tobacco sits in a bowl gracefully and an elegant stem connects the bowl to the mouthpiece, it ranges from €75.00 to €325.00 along with most popular pipes as Chacom Bercy # 861pipe worth €138.00 and Chacom King size 1201 Smooth finish worth €183.00 only.

Special Editions:

La Tienda del Habano also brings special edition Cuban Cigars comprising of

  • Limited Editions (Range: €210.00 to €760.00)
  • Regional Editions (Range: €252.00 to €2080.00)
  • Vintage Editions (Range: €390.00 to €18000.00)


There is no need to hassle around searching for ashtrays, cigar cases, cutters, humidors, and lighters, LaTienda del Habano brings all cigar related accessories readily available within the online portal and to be delivered on few simple clicks. This website accommodates every cigar smoking setting with top-notch quality and affordable price ranges. Find the sweet spot in your home or office and display your cigars with pride!


La Tienda Del Habanos have ashtrays of all shapes and sizes and for every occasion. Glass ashtrays. Ceramic ashtrays and Crystal ashtrays available in reasonably priced from €9.00 to €1000.00

Cigar Cases:

They offer a stylish selection of Cigar Cases perfect for every celebration and occasion. Ensuring the quality, perfection, and your satisfaction above all. Price ranges from €19.00 to €75.00

Cigar Cutters:

A top-notch line-up of cigar cutters are available on the website. Their inventory includes everything from reinforced alloy to waterproof acrylic finishes around trusty, razor-sharp blades. All in reasonable prices ranging from €12.00 to €111.00

Cigar Humidors:

Home Sweet Home, even the cigars want that as well!

If you love your cigars, you should also provide them with a happy home. La Tienda Del Habanos provide humidors guarante to protect and humidify your treasured cigar collection. Their selection features the highest quality craftsmanship at the lowest prices ranging from €14.00 to €207.00

Cigar Lighters:

To light up your cigar in a classy way, it also offers stylish and durable collection of cigar lighters tested in the harshest weather conditions to ensure a reliable light for every cigar-smoking scenario.


To enhance the overall experience of website and ensuring the parameters of customer service it provides many customer friendly options:

  • 24/7 friendly customer service
  • Free Shipping on all orders above $200
  • Ensuring Safe and Secure Delivery to Customer doorstep
  • Payment can be made securely using one of the following methods: Money Gram, Apple Pay , Google Pay, PayPal, Cash app also accept cheques, banker’s drafts or electronic bank transfer.
  • LA TIENDA DEL HABANO also accepts Bitcoin as a method of payment and even offers a 12% discount to customers who pay using the currency.
  • They provide HUMIDIFIED SHIPPING by placing Boveda Humidity Packet in every shipping carton to ensure quality
  • Estimated Shipping time from 15 – 30 days depending upon the country of delivery.
  • For more information, you can contact them via Facebook, Instagram, Call or Email or Visit them at La Casa del Habano Madrid, Calle Veneras, 2, Madrid, 28013, Spain


So, if you are a cigar lover and the one who get attracted by the aroma of a cigar and also want to feel special and get an extra ordinary experience, we have revealed a website that have it all! With a wide range of products and services La Tienda Del Habanoswill be your eternal love for forever. Do tap on it and ensure an online visit to find your dream Cigars and Whiskey in one place.

If you already have an experience of La Tienda Del Habanos, let us know in comments. We would love to hear from you.