Cigarette Boxes Are Effective For Cigarette Protection?

Cigarette boxes are one of the most important and probably the only way a cigarette brand is capable of promoting what they have to offer to their clients. As everyone knows that cigarette branding and promotion is banned by the governments of many countries, the only option left for the brands is to promote their manifestations through impactful packaging boxes. Boxes for cigarettes do have somewhat a standard size and shape. However, this standard is not a rule in any case whatsoever, and brands are free to experiment with the shape and customization of their packs as much as they desire. The main difference between cigarette packaging and the rest of the packaging styles is that in the case of cigarettes, the main focus of the consumer is not the shape of the box but the printing that they are going to print on their boxes. This is why we see some of the most impactful info graphics on cigarette packs.

The cigarette industry spans all over the world and generates revenues to the tune of billions. But there is one critical aspect in this chain that needs thorough discussion: cigarette encasing. How is it so successful in delivering great results? Let us find out in this article.

Shipment Safety

If one has to judge the quality of packaging, the most important thing to notice is whether it is able to keep the product safe during the shipping process. Cigarette boxes are efficient and effective in this area, particularly. During shipping, there is a lot of wear and tear that cigarettes might have to bear. This could lead to considerable damages. And that scenario is surely not welcome, neither by brands nor by consumers. Cigarettes are packed closely in a silver cigarette box during shipping, which means the pressure on each one of the boxes is high. With this level of pressure, safety is not a choice. It becomes an immediate necessity. Hence, only those materials that have proven their worth in product protection are used, such as cardboard and rigid. They have been used time and again by several brands and have given pleasing results.

Preserves the Essence

If one asks a smoker their reasons for smoking, the first answer would be the blend. The taste of a cigarette is what a smoker enjoys the most. It is no exaggeration to suggest that it is the essence of a cigarette. And to preserve this pith is an important task. And to achieve it, quality custom cigarette packs are required. Unfortunately, there are multiple reasons why the taste of cigarettes could get affected. But it can be avoided if suitable packaging is chosen that is neutral. Neutral packaging has two critical aspects. One is that it is sturdy. The sturdiness, as discussed above, protects cigarettes from damages. The second aspect is the preservation of taste. The material used in packaging must not affect the taste of cigarettes in any way and should also be affordable for making wholesale cigarette boxes; otherwise, the whole purpose of packaging is killed. When these two factors are combined successfully, one gets the perfect packaging for cigarettes.

Culls Moisture 

Environmental aspects trying to damage cigarettes cannot be erased, unfortunately. But one can minimize the damage they can cause to the cigarettes. Moisture, one of these factors, can wreak havoc on any product, especially cigarettes. It destroys not only their texture but blends as well. Humidity can damage cigarettes in many ways. One of the most potent ways is that it encourages the growth of fungus in cigarettes. Fungi thrive in moist environments, and if proper cigarette packaging is not provided, cigarettes could become useless. Even if the fungus does not grow, the quality of tobacco is depreciated significantly due to excessive moisture in it. Hence for protection from it, materials that are proven to be good should be used, such as cardboard, etc.

Protection from Dirt & UV Rays

There are numerous other factors such as dirt, UV rays, etc. that have damaging effects on cigarettes. But protection is possible through custom cigarette boxes. Dirt can be detrimental for cigarettes as it can contaminate the tobacco inside them, affecting the taste and quality. The tobacco filled in cigarettes is clean and devoid of any dirt. But if care is not taken and the dirt starts entering the cigarette, it might not even remain usable after a while. UV rays are also known as one of the biggest factors in damaging the cigarette boxes for sale-purchased at reasonable prices. To keep them safe from UV rays, special sheets are available that can be used on cigarette encasing. These sheets are manufactured, especially to eliminate the damage caused by UV rays. But they also serve another purpose. They add to the beauty of packaging, too, as they offer a smudge- and scratch-free finish.

Temperature Resistance

Different places of the world have different temperatures, and cigarette manufacturers have to ship their products to far off places where temperatures might be completely different from where production is taking place. The temperature has also got a significant potential to damage cigarettes. Hence, packaging protects cigarettes in every kind of environment, whether hot or cold, preserving their texture, blend, and quality.

This discussion has laid out a thorough picture of affordable cigarette packaging boxes wholesale and their importance for the cigarette industry. As one can easily deduce from it, cigarette encasing is as crucial for the industry as oxygen is for someone to stay alive. With it, there is no protection on offer, and all the investments are at grave risk of going to waste.

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