Church Attendance During Coronavirus Outbreak: Bishop Paul S Morton Calls for Background Checks!

The founder of the Atlanta-based Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International, Bishop Paul S. Morton, has been targeted with harsh criticism on social media for urging that churches should remain open during the coronavirus epidemic. According to a Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering tracker, as of Tuesday morning, more than 5,000 cases of the new coronavirus have been diagnosed in the U.S., and at least 85 people have died due to contracting it. Bishop Morton insists that churches should be open like hospitals, police stations, and other public buildings across the country to help manage how quickly this pandemic spreads.

Bishop Morton insists that church attendance is an essential pillar in society. In a statement, Bishop Morton said, “Our country was built on the foundation of houses of worship and should remain that way. Churches are places where people come to get comfort during difficult times, so why would we close them down?

Bishop Morton said, “I would think that if you are going into a place where everyone is being asked for their identification and background information before they come in, there’s less chance of passing on this virus.” Bishop Paul S. Morton continued saying, “As far as I’m concerned, the best place to go is a church. That’s my opinion, and I believe the majority of people would agree with me on that. Hood Evangelist published a short video about Bishop Paul S. Morton on her YouTube channel. So, let get started with some information about her!

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On her YouTube channel “Hood Evangelist,” he published a video titled “Bishop Paul Morton PROTOCOLS for in-person worship.”

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“We’re living in a world that’s so dangerous, and there are people who want to do us harm. I’m just asking for some background checks.” -Bishop Paul S Morton is calling for more stringent vetting of church attendees during the coronavirus outbreak, claiming it could help prevent future attacks. He has taken an essential role in the community to ensure everyone feels safe at all times. The bishop wants churches to implement strict security measures like checking backgrounds before letting anyone into their congregation or holy grounds. This would give them greater peace of mind knowing they can protect themselves from any potential dangers inside their church walls- including those caused by humans!