Chronicles of Narnia Sword

The Chronicles of Narnia: the most hit movie is responsible in designing this beautiful sword. The Lion, The Wardrobe and The Witch from the movie truly depicts the design of the sword. The handle of Chronicles of Narnia Sword is made from pure metal and holds the Lion-like shape. The grip comes with the rosewood look and holds a waved crown.  

The sword is fully handmade and pommel on it holds details. The sword is of high-quality standard and is mounted with the help of the Wooden Wall plaque. The Chronicles of Narnia Sword comes with the cross guard of stainless steel finish. However, the blade is engraved with the ancient wordings. 

This sword is ideal for the gift for those who are lovers of “chronicles of Narnia,” movie. Additionally, people can use it as a home decoration too. The beauty and elegance makes it worth to buy. 

Features of Chronicles of Narnia Sword 

  • Material 

The Chronicles of Narnia Sword comes with the premium quality. The material of the sword is metal and metalcore. The sword is 45” long and has the blade of 36.5” size. It comes with very minimal weight and hence is easy to carry.  

  • Design 

The sword comes with the most appealing and detailed design. The blade has a mirror polish which gives it beautiful finish. The cross guard is of steel and stainless steel finish. The grip gives the incredible rosewood look. The wooden shield plaque comes painted which elevates the experience of adventure. The blade being engraved with the lines of Chronicles of Narnia makes fighting a wonderful experience. 

  • Fascination 

The sword has been fascination to a lot of people due to affiliation with the hit movie. It looks like the sword shown in the movie. The high quality sword is ideal to hold. 

Gunblade Revolver Sword

Gunblade Revolver Sword originates from the renowned video game. It is said to be a big success because of its link with most played game.  The unique and elegant design of the sword makes it ideal to use. The sword is under the supervision of the hero of the game series named as Squall Leonheart. The story is about the warriors of Cosmos and hence motivated the creation of sword. The video games depict ‘sword’ as the most iconic and powerful weapon. 

The sword is designed to use for professional purposes. The hilt of the sword holds Lionheart Insignia which glamorizes it. The Gunblade Revolver Sword has the power to help attacker to destroy his enemy. Being used in movies and games, it is considered to be one of the best kind of sword. This is almost resilient to anything. The heaviness makes the sharp edge to function optimally. Best thing about the sword is that it function dually, one as a gun and one as a sword. 

Features of Gunblade Revolver Sword 

  • Measurement 

The gunblade Revolver Sword measures 38 inches’ length. Out of these 38 inches, the 28.5 are of the blade and 9.5 are of the handle. The sword weighs 2 kilograms which makes it a bit heavier than usual swords. 

  • Material 

The sword is made up of stainless steel. The hilt has Lionheart Insignia embedded into it. The stand often comes with the sword which makes it easy to display. The handle is also made up of solidified steel making it exceptional. 

  • Design 

The design of the sword is unique yet elegant. It comes with sharp edge along with implanted cutting edge. As the very name indicates that the sword comes in gun shape. Also, a revolver comes with the sword to ensure optimum safety.  

Jennifer Alex

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