Christians’ Participation In Politics: The Pros And Cons

From time memorial, the exercise of power and authority has been part of the human race. Beyond doubt, this has only helped in bringing meaning to the way we live or do things.

In the quest for a healthy society governed by sane leadership, politics became an important practice for all to participate in. However, there has been an unending debate over the ages on whether Christians should be involved in politics or not.

Some due to the unworthy actions and lifestyle they have watched their political leaders live believed that politics is a dirty game, and Christians should not be involved.

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On the contrary, a handsome number of people believed that politics should be practised by all religions.

It is necessary to clarify that religion and politics are two different entities that help in the growth and development of human existence. The two entities have different roles to play in our lives, but share common goals which are useful to human beings.

Simply put, Christianity and politics both have positive effects on our existence on earth. 

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However, Christians’ participation in politics most definitely has pros and cons; although the cons do not appear to be known by many – findings revealed that some pastors go as far as telling their church members the party to vote for and that which should be their opponents.

 Pros of Christians’ participation in politics

To make a difference

It is unwise as Christians to stay indoors and expect changes from leaders of the world. This means that it is very important that Christians come out of their shells to make the change they want to see in the world. The change they want, obviously cannot happen unless they participate in politics and let others see what could have been done in previous years.

It is easier to implement changes when you are involved than when you are apart. Making a difference thus is one essential reason Christians must participate in politics.

Preaching the gospel through actions

Preaching to unbelievers with Bibles in our hands is not ideal enough, people need to see the examples in us – actions speak louder than words. Moreover, we have learned that many don’t study the scripture, they watch our lives as Christians.

More people will be convinced about the personality of Christ only when our lives act in accordance with the will of God. With this, participating in politics can go a long way to help Christians in the kingdom expansion deal.

For peace enhancement

Paul in Romans 13 made us understand that kings and every leader are not just there to occupy the seats when he urged Christians to pray for people in high positions so that we may live a peaceful and quiet life. They ensure the maintenance of peace and others.

It should also be remembered that nothing in the world happens without the knowledge of God, meaning that every appointed leader in life has been destined to rule. So we must at least be involved in politics through our prayers.

To practice the greatest commandment

The greatest commandment in the Bible according to Jesus in Matthew 22 and 28, is love. One tells us to love God while the other says our neighbours. People can reflect more on whether we truly do these two things or not.

Loving God means keeping to his commandments and doing his will for mankind. On the other hand, the best way to show that we love our neighbours as ourselves is to be in power.

When Christians engage in power it is easier to affect many positively if they keep to this commandment. It calls us not to discriminate against anyone regardless of their age, race, colour, ethnic group, and other differences we may notice.

It is essential

Christians must admit that politics is a plus on the side of everyone. It helps in putting the affairs of any given geographical entity in order.

Politics is one of the features that differentiates human beings from animals. We must have leaders to make things go well. This is also evident in churches.

Cons of Christians’ participation in politics

Why should Christians not be involved in politics?

We are in the world but not of the world

With this, the Bible has warned us not to do whatever is not practised based upon religious principles in John 15 vs 19. This passage of the Bible tells us that being in the world does not mean Christians should do like others in the world.

Although we can stand to make difference, it is better not to be involved in things like politics where the norm seems like the direct opposite of the operation of Christendom.

We don’t know God’s plans for the nation

Pastors (as many denominations say) are believed to be the heads of churches, and thus Christians through them get to know the mind of God often. But what happens when churches claim to hear different things from God or do not bother to ask God at all?

In voting for political leaders in this part of the country, it is not a practice to ask God who he desired to become elected. This then requires us to judge others as a way of evaluating their past achievements. Some make a pick by sentiment, and religious background and some for personal reasons.

So the chances of making the right or wrong decisions during elections are much narrow than it seems.

The dangers of assuming positions of power in the world

The Bible in second Timothy 2 vs 4 made us understand that it is impossible to chase the world and God at the same time. There are several dangers of assuming positions of power in the world.

When Christians get to such positions they become more exposed to the corrupt way the world thinks, leaving some of them with no other choice but to become part of the world. Participating in politics as a Christian may also affect a person’s life in several other ways.

Politics is a dirty game

It is no longer news that politics stains people. Yes, it tarnishes people’s images, one reason the world tends to celebrate political activists more. A general term across the world is that politics is a dirty game.

A devoted Christian who joined politics with a good state of mind, if care is not taken may soon be found wanted for a criminal act of accusation of embezzling public funds.

It is important to state clearly that this article is not written to condemn or commend Christians’ participation in politics. It is, however, to present you with two angles from which politics can be viewed and the role of Christianity in the said dirty game.

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