Chris Steiner – the man who struck the perfect between fitness and business

One of the most popular names on the fitness circuit is Chris Steiner and for those who dabble in fitness, it is a name they have heard before.

Chris started his entrepreneurial journey with the first ever ladies lifestyle club in Vienna in the year 2009. Seeing the tremendous growth and success of the first club, he later opened many more such clubs.

For his exemplary work and contributions as a businessman, Chris was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award by the trade magazine Fitness Tribune. By 2013, Chris and his team generated over 100 million Euroes in sales.

Chris also organized the Miss Austria and Miss Vienna 2017 elections but he reclaimed he wanted to do more than just organize the events and therein he started helping participants prepare and enter the events.

Chris played a major role in helping Silvia Schneider winMiss Austria in 2016.

The entrepreneur owned  48 different EMS Clubs in 3 different countries.

In an interview, Chris spoke about how fitness has been his lifelong passion and that’s why he launched the product ‘SLIMANDO’. A product that targets metabolism and helps reduce weight in just a week.

Chris serves as an inspiration to many across the globe when it comes to fitness.