Choosing the Right Safety Boots in Kenya

Safety boots price in Kenya is determined by several features and factors. This article focuses on some of the features and factors that should guide you when purchasing the right safety boots depending on your workplace and budget. Safety boots should be of quality and offer the protection required.

Things Nobody Told You About Safety Boots Price In Kenya

You will agree that shoes are worn for long hours every day. Shoes improve your appearance as well as offer you protection from harmful chemicals, falls, slipping, punctures, cuts, falling objects, machines among others. The shoes you wear should therefore depend on the kind of work and your work environment. Safety boots offer you the protection you require since they are made to fit different environments.

Safety boots are the best if the working environment has slippery floors, heavy machinery sites, and power tools. Most safety boots found in the market are waterproof and anti-puncture resistant. The many brands and designs determine the safety boots price in Kenya. However, apart from the price of the safety boots, there are other important factors and features to consider before buying safety boots.

Factors to Consider When Buying Safety Boots in Kenya


Before buying the safety shoes,  it is important to try them on and walk around with them. That way you will be able to tell if the boots are well-fitting or not. Well-fitting boots make you feel comfortable throughout the day. Your toes are not pressed or pinched by the boots. They help you be productive since your mind is not distracted.

Poorly fitting shoes can cause corns, hammertoes, and swollen feet. To avoid the boot from pressing on your feet and especially toes when buying ensure the boots are not too narrow or too wide. Trying on also helps you determine whether the safety boots are the best for your workplace.


Most safety boots have got safety features, for instance, insulation against cold and heat, slip resistance soles, and penetration-resistant midsoles.


The kind of work you do and the workplace should determine the safety boots you should buy. If for example, you work in a construction site and manufacturing you need to get boots fitted with a steel toe cap around the toe area. If you are working in the airport you can get one with a composite material.


Durability is determined mostly by the quality of the material used to make the safety boots. Mostly the boots are made from synthetic or leather materials. Buying a safety boot with a material that can last for a longer time will help you save money.

Type of trends

This should be determined by your working environment. If you are working in an environment where the floor is likely to be oily or wet the best trends are the ones with small and tight trends. They help reduce falls, slipping and prevent accidents that arise from the falls.

Foot care or condition

It is important to consider the condition of your feet, if they sweat you can get a boot with material to wick the moisture to keep the feet dry. The safety boots should also be breathable to allow air circulation.

Safety boots price in Kenya is determined by some of the above factors. The quality of the material also determines the price of different safety boots. The safety boots are made from high-quality materials therefore when buying safety boots expect to get long-lasting boots.