Choosing the Right Mural Wallpaper for Your Home

Perhaps, your rooms appear boring and you want to redecorate them, but within a shoestring budget! You can do away with your worries as you can accomplish your set objectives by using wallpaper murals. They can offer your home decor a unique, personalized touch and feel. They do make stunning additions to any interior design. It is irrespective of your plan to transform the very look of your home or create a statement wall. Several options are available. Hence, you should be wary enough to make the right selection as it will bring in the best in your home.

Tips to select the perfect mural wallpaper for your home

  • Right style: The mural style to purchase and install should match perfectly your room style. Geometric or abstract design goes well with a modern living room having minimalist decor and clean lines. For a traditional bedroom having vintage decor and classic furniture, select a mural with a botanical or floral design. Consider the room’s overall theme and select a mural to complement it.
  • Room size: It is another factor to be considered while selecting wall murals. Do not use murals having intricate or busy designs in small rooms as it can make it feel more cramped. For such rooms, opt for murals having a simpler design or designs with plenty of negative space. For large rooms, murals having complex designs will fill up empty space. The focal point is also created in that room.
  • Lighting: The wallpaper mural’s appearance can be affected significantly by lighting. Use murals having high-gloss finish or bold colors in rooms receiving plenty of natural light. Such murals tend to reflect light thereby generating a vibrant atmosphere. In dimly lit rooms, mural having a more muted, softer color palette is preferred. It helps create that inviting, cozy feel.
  • Right material: Stunning wallpaper murals are available in different types of materials. It includes premium textured, premium smooth, and classic smooth. Choose a mural material based on your preferences and budget.
  • Consider the mood you plan to create: One essential aspect that you need to consider when selecting a mural is the type of mood you desire to generate in the room. Nature-inspired designs like a beach or forest can create a relaxing, calming environment. Otherwise, you can select murals having bright, bold patterns as they can create energizing atmosphere.

Consider essential aspects

If you are interested in buying custom mural wallpaper, you need to consider several factors. Take into consideration the room size, mural size, mood desired to create in the room, lighting available, and material. Accordingly, select a mural wallpaper to complement the interior design. It should also generate an amazing atmosphere inside your home. 

Mural wallpaper for all rooms

  • For the kitchen space: Many families consider the kitchen as the heart of their home! This room perhaps derives the most footfalls! It is also the place where the whole family meets and discusses their day-to-day achievements and issues or other trivial or vital things. Hence, the mural wallpaper you choose to hang here should appeal to everyone.
    • Explore new trends: Usually, guests spend some time in this room. Hence, it is the perfect place to install the latest wallpaper mural trends. With the living room meant for relaxation, the kitchen should be dedicated to deriving entertainment. 
    • Fun wallpaper design: This place should be appealing and inviting to all ages. You may use eye-catchy wallpaper murals that can energize your home. 
    • Anti-microbial wallpapers: Probably you have toddlers or small children and/or pets at home. Maybe steaming laundry could be hanging at the corner! Whatever be it, you should invest in anti-microbial wallpaper. They can prevent bacteria, mildew, and mold growth that otherwise could create health issues. 
  • For the living room: These are the places where you entertain your guests. Also, the whole family spends quality time here. This room has multi-purpose uses. Hence, the right wallpaper mural needs to be selected.
    • Easy-on-the-eye patterns: Busy patterns are attractive looking. The living room is a relaxing space and hence requires something that isn’t distracting. To derive modern simplicity, make simple but highly effective choices.
    • Warm colors: To set the right mood in your living space, use shades like soft amber, warm yellow, and orange. You may prefer to entertain quite often and desire something that can enhance party moods. Experiment with exciting, vibrant hues. 
    • Personalize: You and your family members spend a good amount of time relaxing in the living room. Hence, it should be made relatable. Floral murals can make excellent features if you love flowers or art.
  • For the Guest room: You may want to install wallpaper that will wow your guests. It should also be something that channels your unique style and personality. It should provide your guests with a safe haven and allow them to cozy up. However, no real rules exist since guest rooms are considered to be blank canvases meant to experiment and express. You can use custom wallpaper murals if you understand what appeals to your visitors. Useful tips for spare bedrooms:
    • Be artsy: At times, guest bedrooms may be used to serve other purposes. It need not necessarily be sleep-inducing like the master bedroom. Hence, you can indulge in some creativity to enhance its look and impress people staying over.
    • Relaxing colors and prints: Florals attract everyone including your stylish friend to your aged grandma. You may instill a sense of nature and calm in the room by using soothing colors like pale blue. 
    • Crowd-pleasers: You may perhaps have to cater to different tastes. In such a case, choose a wallpaper design that polarizes less. Your purpose should be to create a quirky, cool space, something that people can talk about.
  • The Master bedroom: It is every homeowner’s sanctuary and safe place. You need to identify the design, colors, and texture allowing you to relax after a busy day.
    • Soothing colors: Light grey, pink, and pale blue help create a relaxing space. Hang one behind the headboard.
    • Florals: Floral category is gaining popularity these days. You can find super-modern floral designs. It includes leafy, luscious botanicals. It can add nature’s soothing element to your bedroom.

Choose the best wallpaper mural

Thus, by considering the above-given tips, you can select the type of wallpaper that best fits your needs and budget.

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