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Choosing the Right Locks: Insights from a Missouri Locksmith

Security is a primary concern for any property owner, whether residential or commercial. Locks are the first line of defense against unwanted intruders and play a critical role in ensuring the safety of your property. However, with so many types and brands of locks available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your needs. This blog will provide insights from a Locksmith Missouri to help you choose the right locks for your property.

Types of Locks

Before we dive into the factors to consider when choosing locks, let’s look at the different types of locks available:

  1. Deadbolts: Deadbolts are the most common type of lock found in homes and commercial properties. They are designed to offer high security by providing resistance against forced entry. Deadbolts are available in two types: single cylinder and double cylinder. Single cylinder deadbolts can be unlocked from the inside with a key, while double cylinder deadbolts require a key to unlock from both the inside and outside.
  2. Knob Locks: Knob locks are commonly used in residential properties as a secondary lock, along with a deadbolt. They are easy to operate and come with a built-in locking mechanism. However, knob locks are not very secure and can be easily bypassed by burglars.
  3. Lever Handle Locks: Lever handle locks are commonly used in commercial properties and are easy to operate, making them ideal for businesses with high foot traffic. They come with a built-in locking mechanism and offer moderate security.
  4. Smart Locks: Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use and advanced security features. They can be operated remotely via a smartphone app and offer features like access control, audit trails, and remote lock/unlock.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Locks

Now that you know the types of locks available let’s look at the factors to consider when choosing the right locks for your property.

  1. Security Level: The primary factor to consider when choosing locks is the security level you require. If you’re looking for high-security locks, consider installing deadbolts or smart locks. However, if you’re looking for moderate security, lever handle locks may suffice.
  2. Lock Brand: It’s essential to choose a reputable brand when it comes to locks. A good brand will offer high-quality locks that are resistant to picking and other forms of forced entry. Some of the popular lock brands include Schlage, Kwikset, and Yale.
  3. Lock Grade: Locks are graded by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) based on their durability and resistance to forced entry. ANSI grades locks from Grade 1 to Grade 3, with Grade 1 being the most durable and secure. If you’re looking for high-security locks, consider installing Grade 1 deadbolts or smart locks.
  4. Installation: Proper installation is critical to ensure that locks provide the desired level of security. It’s recommended to hire a professional locksmith to install locks to ensure they are installed correctly and functioning correctly.
  5. Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that locks are functioning correctly and providing the desired level of security. Locks should be lubricated regularly and inspected for signs of wear and tear. If you notice any issues with your locks, it’s essential to contact a locksmith to repair or replace them.


Choosing the right locks is critical to ensure the safety and security of your property. It’s essential to consider factors like security level, lock brand, lock grade, installation, and maintenance when choosing locks. Deadbolts and smart locks are ideal for high-security needs, while lever handle locks are suitable for moderate security needs. Always choose a reputable brand and have locks installed and maintained by a professional locksmith to ensure they are functioning correctly.