Choosing the Right Door Plate for Different Types of Doors

It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that you choose the right door plate for your doors as it plays a significant role in the functionality and appearance of your home or business. One such component that is usually neglected but provides a significant boost to the overall aesthetics of the door besides offering protection and easy movement is the door plate. Whether you are working on a historic house, improving your office, or just changing old fittings, there are some factors that you will need to consider when selecting the right door plate.

Understanding Door Plates

Door plates or also referred to as escutcheon plates are metal plates that fit around the door handle or knob. They serve several purposes:

Protection: They prevent the door from being damaged or scratched in some way when it is used often.

Aesthetics: Incorporating them on the door provides an aesthetic value to the door as well as the entire structure.

Functionality: They assist in making certain that the door knob or handle turns and opens and closes as it should.

Types of Door Plates

There are different types of door plates that are available in the market and these are made in a way that they fit all the door styles and the various functions that they are meant to serve:

Backplates: These are usually bulkier compared to the others and are commonly located at the back of the doorknob or handle and offer both style and protection.

Keyhole Escutcheons: These are small plates that are used to conceal the keyhole hence giving the installation a neat appearance.

Finger Plates: These are placed on the side of the door that you push to open it so that the door does not get marks or dirt on it.

The Following Are Considerations One Has To Make When Selecting A Door Plate

Door Type and Function

The kind of door and its use dictates the most suitable door plate to use. Here’s how to choose based on different door types:

1. Interior Doors

Material: Doors which are used internally like the bedroom doors or the bathroom doors, brushed nickel or polished brass can be used to give the door that classy look. Polished brass door knobs with its matching backplate is very common and never goes out of style.

Design: It is better to choose a design that will harmonise with the other objects in your apartment. Antique brass door knobs in oval shape with the elegant back plates may create the old school look in your home.

2. Exterior Doors

Durability: Stainless steel or solid brass is used in exterior doors to cover the harshness of weather conditions. Polished brass is recommended as it is durable and has a nice look to it.

Security: Make certain that the door plate will improve the security of the door. To increase the security of the front door, one can opt for a strong backplate with reinforced keyhole escutcheons.

3. Commercial Doors

Functionality: For commercial doors particularly the ones that are frequently used, it is advisable to use door plates that are durable. Wells hardware presents a variety of heavy duty and practical door plates designed for business use.

Compliance: Check that the door plates are safe and can be easily accessed as required in all commercial buildings.


The type of material of the door plate not only determines the strength of the door plate, but also its outlook. Here are some common materials:Here are some common materials:

Brass: Polished brass door plates are very appealing; they have a traditional style and are quite long lasting. It is non-corrosive and imparts a high-class look to any door.

Stainless Steel: Perfect for exterior doors and commercial use because it is strong and does not easily get damaged by the weather and usage.

Bronze: Gives a very traditional and old fashion feel and can be used for both interior and exterior doors.

Style and Design

The design of the door plate should also match the rest of the decor of your room. Here are some design considerations: 

When selecting bronze door handles, ensure they complement the overall aesthetic of your space.

Choose a finish that aligns with your room’s color scheme and consider the style of the door plate for a cohesive look.

Traditional vs. Modern: Select the design that is more in line with the style of your house exterior.The best design to use is one that will complement the architectural diction of your house. A traditional house may require a more curved and olden style of designs for plates, while a modern house may require the use of the simplest and sleek designs.

Shape: The design of the door plate which may be rectangular, oval or any other design should complement the door knob design. For instance, you will find that the oval brass door knobs will match well with the oval backplates thus creating a good coordination.

Finish: The last finish of the door plate whether it is polished, brushed or matte should be the same as that of other hardware in your house.


However, this should not be at the cost of the functionality of the feature even though the latter may not be as appealing. Consider the following:

Ease of Use: This is where one should ensure that the door plate and knob are in good condition and easy to use. The design impact can be felt when the product is in use as ergonomic designs do make a lot of difference.

Maintenance: Ensure that you select fabrics, and other items that can be easily cleaned and maintained. For instance, a surface such as polished brass can easily be wiped and will remain shiny without the need for much cleaning.

Popular Choices and Combinations

Polished Brass Door Knobs and Plates

Polished brass is a type of finish that can be used in any style of interior design whether it is a conventional or modern one. The product has a shiny appearance that gives a comfortable and stylish finish to any door. When it is installed and used with the brass back plates that have the same finish, it is elegant.

Oval Brass Door Knobs

These oval brass door knobs will give your home a vintage look that you will surely love. They are also associated with backplates that are decorated in a very elaborate manner to increase their traditional look. This combination is perfect for those who have period homes or those people who want to bring Victorian style into their homes.

Wells Hardware

Wells hardware stands as a company that offers some of the best door plates in the market with strong, elegant designs. For any door, the need may be for strong plates for commercial doors, or stylish ones for residential doors, Wells hardware has the solutions.


Identifying the right door plate for the various types of doors depends on the material, the design, the functionality, and the characteristics of the door in question. Regardless of the preference of the brass door knob, which could be the polished brass door knobs or the oval brass door knobs, or even the durable options from Wells, having the right door plate can elevate the appearance as well as the functionality of the doors in your home.

Spending time to properly choose the right door plate can be very important especially as far as the appearance of the general area is concerned. Whether it is about increasing the security of exterior doors, or just to give a classy look to interior doors, the right door plate goes a long way.