Choosing the right CBD oil product

The cannabis industry has been growing exponentially over the last few decades. This growth can be attributed to the relaxed laws on medicinal cannabis by many states and countries.  Many brands have come up with a variety of CBD oil products and thus, it is not easy to choose the right one. It is estimated that in a few years, the CBD oils and other cannabidiol products’ market will exceed the $13B mark. Now that is good news for the consumer, although it doesn’t make it easier to choose the products.

Continue reading and see the factors that you need to consider when choosing CBD oil products.

Product concentration of the CBD oil products

Whether you’re using the CBD oil product in the capsule form, or those in dropper bottles, they come in a range of concentrations. Packaging will tell you the concentration levels of the bottles or the capsule.  You can get the products from 250mg-1000mg, depending on your need. Others are also specified in percentages, which range from 5%-20% of cannabidiol.

If you are new in consuming CBD oil products, it is advisable that you begin with a low concentration and then increase gradually on a need basis. As you observe the effects of the particular dosage, you will make the necessary adjustment until you get the desired results.

Cost of the CBD oil product

Before you purchase that CBD oil product, you need to consider the cost per dose. Highly concentrated products will cost you higher, but these will give you more excellent value than any other. You only need to establish your treatment of the CBD oil product, and once you’ve done that, you can consider switching to a higher concentration, which will save you money in the long run.

Full-spectrum versus Isolate CBD oil

Near pure CBD isolates and full-spectrum oils are the two main types of CBD oils. The full spectrum oils have the active compounds added to the CBD.

CBD isolate is used in non-psychoactive therapy as the standard. However, recent studies show that full-spectrum CBD oils are more effective than isolates. Other cannabinoids contained in full-spectrum oils are CBN, terpenes, and CBL.  The terpenes compounds are known to work in synergy with CBD through ‘entourage effect,’ a natural process. Whichever you choose, whether isolate or full-spectrum is up to you – they all have benefits, but the full spectrum is the favorite for many.

Capsules Versus sublingual         

The delivery method of the CBD oil means a lot. Most of these oils are available in dropper bottle form, which allows for sublingual delivery- dropping directly under the tongue, which is an efficient route. Capsules are suitable for controlling the CBD oil dose, and therefore it is easy to administer. Other people prefer consuming CBD oil drops through vaporizers. While all these products may have the same ingredients, the accessibility, effect, and convenience differ. Therefore, you must conduct some research on the one that perfectly meets your needs.

The quality of the CBD oil product will depend on the extraction method. Some companies may want to use shortcuts and produce cheap products, which may be harmful. Do not endanger your life by going for less expensive CBD oil products that have detrimental remnants like butane. You’d rather spend more buying original and naturally extracted CBD oil products, which will give you great results.


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