Choosing the perfect time frame to trade the market

Many traders don’t understand the time frame of the market and thus fail in their trades. To become successful you need to understand the difference between the time frames that are present in the market. There are two main important time frames that the traders should be aware of. The conservative investors chose a higher time frame and the aggressive investors chose a lower time frame. A higher time frame is much safer because the risk to reward ratio is much greater. On the other hand, the lower time frame is a bit riskier because the market often paints false signals.


Choosing between the higher and the lower time frame is often a daunting task. You need to choose one of the time frames according to your trading style. In this article, you will know more briefly about the time frames and will be able to choose the time frame according to your trading style.


Why it’s important to choose a time frame


A time frame helps a trader to make a consistent trading approach, to make profits you must choose a time frame. You can also choose a multi-timeframe in the trades but to use the multi-timeframe you must learn about it briefly. But when things come to multiple time frame analysis, the elite UK traders give priority to higher time frame data. It gives them much more reliable information regarding the next movement of the price.


To make profit, you must focus on a maximum of 2 close timeframes. According to the timeframe, you should also get two systems based on the timeframes. Before you choose a timeframe, you need to learn about them precisely. Take advantage of the demo account to understand how a different time frame affects your market analysis.


Skill sets according to the time frame


You must select your timeframes according to your skills and strategies. Never choose the timeframes randomly, you should identify the timeframes by thinking and taking the time. Don’t make a rush while choosing a timeframe, your time timeframe will help you to take actions in the trades. As a pro trader, you should also choose brokers like Saxo capital markets so that you can use the advanced platform in analyzing the candlesticks in different time frames. Never rely on the low grade trading platforms as the price feeds are not precise.


The different timeframes allow you to trade significantly by using skillsets according to your trading style. Every trader has a different trading style so they should choose the timeframes according to their style. Always observe your trading methods before you select any time frame and make sure you are aware your own particular skill set.


Don’t choose timeframes emotionally


Many new traders choose their timeframes emotionally and lose in the trades. If you choose emotionally without observing your skills then you will surely lose in the trades. You must identify the timeframes without emotion.


Many traders choose timeframes in the greed of making more money and thus soon lose in the trades. You must focus on the trading sessions to make your trades more profitable and effective. The higher and lower time frames help a trader to make their trades more effective.




In the Forex market, you need to pay attention to all the factors and terms that are present in the market. The timeframe plays an important role in the trades, if you want to trade profitably then you must choose the timeframe wisely. Not all the timeframes will match with your trading skills and strategies, you need to find the timeframes according to your trading style. The most common mistake the new traders make in the market is that they choose the multi timeframe in the trades to make more money. You must learn about all the timeframes before you use them in your trades.



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