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The unlawful conduct of the injurer must be etiologically linked to the harmful event. There is no right to compensation for damage, therefore, in the event of unlawful conduct not related to the damage, which, for example, could have been caused by a pre-existing health condition.

What types of Accidents and Injuries can I get compensation for?

Countless other accident victims do not go to the emergency room, as in the case of victims of abuse and injuries in the family.

When it comes to personal injury claims, the type of accident involved is less important than other factors such as the type of injuries suffered and the persons responsible. But this does not mean that all kinds of accidents are comparable.

The legal rules to be followed vary according to the type of accident from which the damage is derived. A car accident case may involve specific insurance coverage types such as protection for personal injury to a third party and legal fees. A damage case from road anomalies and various pitfalls may require different types of evidence, such as photos and videos, to prove guilt.

To make your claim effectively, you need the Victoria accident lawyers who understand the intricacies of incidents like yours, a lawyer who has experience handling damages cases.

Road accidents

As technical advances in safety continue to make vehicles “safer,” the root cause of these road accidents increasingly lies in driver error. Our law firm knows the causes of road accidents, the insurance companies frequently involved, and the strategies to maximize the chances of obtaining compensation.

If the damage is caused by a collision with a car, a bus, a truck, or a motorcycle, the case falls within the road traffic accidents governed by the Private Insurance Code. Even if the injury involved a passenger, a pedestrian, or a cyclist, it is possible to request compensation from the driver who caused the accident on the basis of the aforementioned discipline.

Thelawyers specialized in compensation for damages will do everything possible to resolve your road accident file from the out-of-court phase, pass through the mediation phase, and arrive at the trial phase. For more information, visit our Traffic Accident Lawyer page.

Motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents often involve real tragedies with highly negative repercussions both in the relationship life of the injured person and his family’s income.

If you or a relative have suffered physical damage in a motorcycle accident through the fault of others, you are entitled to be compensated. Compensation can be obtained for biological injury, non-pecuniary damage, existential damage, material damage to the motorcycle, and any other expense related to the accident.The lawyers assist motorcyclists who are victims of accidents and their relatives throughout the country.

Truck accidents

Accidents involving trucks can be complex and often involve multiple parties, including drivers, logistics companies, and manufacturers and distributors of corporate products. Stefano Gallo law firm has experience in compensation claims for people who have suffered injuries in collisions involving all types of trucks.

Road anomalies and various pitfalls

Unreported hazards within private properties or public places can cause personal injury. Owners and managers have a specific custody obligation. In the event that there is a causal link between the thing in custody and the damage caused, regardless of the danger of the item, the custodian is responsible and must compensate for the damage. Damages suffered in the places described above can be compensated when the danger or the trap is both invisible and unpredictable danger.

The firm has experience assisting people who have suffered damage due to accidents in shopping malls, airports, stations, theme parks, schools, public gardens, etc. For more information, visit the page Road anomalies and various pitfalls.

Bicycle accidents

The bicycle can be fun and a healthy alternative to the car. However, the cyclist is exposed to even serious risks, mainly caused by the fault of motorists. The lawyers with experience in cyclist accidents are able to assist cyclists who are victims of accidents throughout the country during all stages of the compensation procedure.

How to choose a lawyer with experience in damages

The matter of compensation for damage presents many complexities, and the applicable rules vary according to the type of damage and the circumstances in which it occurred.

It is therefore essential to contact a law firm that has experience in dealing with damage compensation cases. Well over 90 percent of personal injury defendants are customers of an insurance company. The insurance liquidator’s first line of defense is to offer you minimal compensation. It is therefore essential that from the beginning, the case is handled by a lawyer who knows how to counter the arguments of the liquidator.


A lawyer specializing in damages will be able to conduct negotiations with the liquidator or with the counterpart’s lawyer and understand if their offer is worth considering or vice versa if it is necessary to go into action to obtain a sentence.

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