Choosing the Perfect Roof Color for your Residence

Selecting a roof color that matches perfectly with the exteriors, interiors and the existing roof of your house is not as easy as it sounds. Whether you want to install Asphalt shingles, metal roofing, wood, concrete tiles or slates, there’s a myriad of color options available. As investing in a new roof can be quite expensive, you need to choose wisely. Here in Glendale ,CA, there are roofing contractors that can help you choose a particular color shade that blends beautifully with the overall ambiance. You can trust them for a custom roofing service at your residence. Let’s understand how to choose the right color shade for your house roof.

  • A Selection Between Light & Dark Color Shades 

There are many homeowners that want to know whether to go for a lighter or darker shade for their residence. The answer is; if your home is in a colder climate zone, you can always go for dark colored roofs, as they have a higher heat retention property. Whereas, if you belong to a warmer climatic zone, you should always opt for lighter shades. It helps keep the interiors cool. This is best for homes in California and Florida, where the weather is on the warmer side. Still, it is recommended to consult with one of the veteran roofers in Glendale, CA, who has vast experience.

  • Think Exterior Paint Color While Choosing Roofing Materials

When selecting a particular color for your roof, always keep in mind the exterior shade of the walls. It can either be a contrasting color shade or very similar to the one that is on the walls. A majority of homes go for Ash, Brown, Grey and other neutral color tones. Whether it is metal roofing or copper roofing, always match the color shade that best suits your home ambiance. One of the local roofing contractors in Glendale, CA, can help you in this effort.

  • Choosing the Color of Shingles According to the Brick

When you go for selecting a particular type of Asphalt shingle, always keep in mind to match it with the color of the bricks of the walls or sidings. You can start by matching the shingle samples, and then select a paint shade, which is very similar to that of the exterior walls of your residence.

  • Picking a Shingle Color that Matches the Overall Vibe of your Home

If you have multi-color bricks or multiple color paint on the exterior of your house, it is always advised to go for a toned down shingle color. Else, if your home has a monotone shade, you can choose an aesthetically soothing and refreshing shade that can enhance the curb appeal of your home.

There are expert roofers and local roofing companies in Glendale, CA, that can help select the right shade for your new home roof that blends perfectly with the overall ambiance of your home. In this way, the style and curb appeal of your property is enhanced to many folds. It can also fetch you a great resale value or price, if you think to sell it in the future. this is what a majority of homeowners in California are doing, in order to get the best appreciation for their aging property.