Choosing the Best Walking Tractors In Kenya

Get to Know the Know the Benefits of the Walk Behind Tractor. The Tractor is Ideal for Small- and Large-Scale Production. You Can Use the Walking Tractor in Gardening and Agricultural Activities. The Equipment Makes Work Easier and Saves You a lot of Time and Effort. The Two-Wheel Tractor is One of The Trending Machine in Kenya.

This article focuses on how Walking Tractors are beneficial to farmers in Kenya.

What is a Walking Tractor?

A Walking Tractor is a farming machine used by gardeners and agriculturalists. It is operated by a skilled individual. The Tractor work on various grounds. It can operate on flat surfaces, in sloppy areas, among others. It has two wheels and one axle.

The Walking Tractor is used by landscaping companies, small farmers, and large-scale farmers. They use it for tilling their lands. The Tractor operates with Diesel Oil. It has a 40 litres fuel tank. It consumes four to five litres of diesel in one operation.

How Walking Tractor is Used

Walking Tractor is suitable to use in all weather conditions. It can be used in the summer, winter, and spring seasons. Below is how the equipment is used.

In the Summer season, the Walking Tractor tills the land andmakes it soft. It helps in keeping the weeds away. The tractor also makes it easy for moisture and water to penetrate to the ground.

During the spring season, the equipment is used to till the ground for sowing.

In the winter season, Walking Tractor sets the land free from snow and ice.

During the Autumn season, the equipment is used to fill and cut the remaining plants.

The Equipment is used in sprinkling, milling, irrigation, threshing, transportation, and sowing.

Benefits of Walking Tractors

Walking Tractors are essential tools to farmers. They are self-powered which makes them more effective. They work like horses. Listed below are the advantages of two-wheel Tractors.

  • The Tractors performmultiple purposes like sowing, tilling among others.
  • Their turning radius is small which helps in time-saving.
  • They are durable and highly reliable.
  • They serve as a driving force in irrigation systems.
  • They are designed with hydraulic steering that makes the operation easier.
  • They are cheap and can be used in severalapplications
  • They increase production hence more profit.
  • They are safe and easy to use. The operator works by walking behind the equipment.
  • They operate ata high speed of about 31 kilometers per hour saving a lot of time and money.

Safety Precautions to Observe When Using Walking Tractors

Tractors can be harmful if they are not used correctly. You must have skills that will enable you to work effectively. The following are things youto observe during operation.

Read the user manual well to understand how the equipment works.

Use a clear working environment.

Wear protective clothing to minimize cases of accidents.

Repair and maintain the Walking Tractor always. It will give the Tractor a long life span.


The use of Walking Tractors has dominated the farming Industry. The equipment can work well where the traditional Tractors can not work.This has made thempopular. They have replaced human labor helping farmers to save money. If you wish to increase your land production Walking Tractors are the best.