Choosing the Best Multipurpose woodworking machine in Kenya

A multipurpose woodworking machine is a tool with several tools for different functions encompassed in one machine. The assembling of tools has always influenced its market value. This article focuses on the functions of the tools that influence the price of multipurpose woodworking machines in Kenya.

The functions that influence the multipurpose woodworking machine price in Kenya.
A multipurpose woodworking machine is used to process wood, mostly applicable in the furniture industry. It is used to design wood to the desired shape and preferred dimensions. It is powered by electric motors and it weighs between 200 – 300 kgs. It fashions wood into various semi-finished products.

The machine is a labor and time-saving tool. It can be manually or computer-operated. The work output of the machine is quite outstanding and it requires minimal operator maintenance. It can do multiple types of carpentry works which have an influence on its market price in Kenya. The functions include;


This is the designing upper surface of a piece of wood to the required thickness. A planner is used in this case. The machine has a rigid mainframe. The mainframe supports the in feed and out feed table. A cutter block is mounted at the center of the table on ball bearings. The tools are usually tilted or lifted hydraulically or manually to prevent the tool surface from chipping.

The main function of surface planning is flatting and edging. In flatting, one hand has to hold the work piece on the in feed table down with pressure applied. The other hand has to guide the wood to the out feed table. When edging, the hands should not pass over the cutter block. The purpose is to exert horizontal pressure on the work piece.


The mortise is associated with a tendon joint. They are used to join two planks of wood. It is considered one of the best and strongest woodworking joints connecting two planks of wood. The mortise is the wood with a hole and tenon is the smaller end of the wood. The tenon is inserted into the mortise and the joint is secured with glue or pins.


It is done to trim the work piece to a consistent thickness and flattening on both sides. It is done by a thickness planner. The planner has a cutter head that has cutting knives, a set of rollers that draw the work piece through the machine, and a table that is adjusted relative to the cutter head to achieve the wanted thickness.

Its advantage is that it can produce a flat surface with a single pass and a board with consistent thickness. It avoids producing tapered boards and may be used for the initial preparation of unplanned boards.


A sliding table is used to make square cuts on large panels with the saw that is added to it. A sliding table guarantees good cuts of high precision. The table can be upgraded anytime to make square crosscuts in the needed moments. It has the capacity to crosscut a 30-inch wide board.

Milling and trimming

The spindle molder enables you to create poles, tenons, shaped profiles, and grooves. It used to trim and shape wood to make it ideal for multiple uses like in windows, shutters, doors, frames. The spindles found in the multipurpose woodworking machine can be used to make cylindrical holes and slots in a wood piece.

The above-mentioned functions are the ones that have an impact on the market value of the multipurpose working machine. In Kenya, the price is approximately between Ksh 85,000 to 100,000. It is a worth machine to invest in than buying single purposes machines.