When it comes to clean out dust from crumbs, between couch cushions, or dirt from under car seats. handheld vacuum cleaner is the best to do these things because bigger vacuum cleaner can’t sort out these duties. Handheld vacuum cleaner handle small messes without lifting heavy lifting and without hogging precious storage space.


  • Clean up dry spills
  • Tracked-in dirt
  • Clean up stuck hairs 
  • Easier to empty dust cups
  • Washable filters
  • Pick up wet messes
  • Remove stains
  • Clean up cars inside

Handheld vacuum cleaner come in two different types Corded and Cordless. Cleaner with brushes and other attachments makes it easy to remove dust from draperies, window sills, door frames, mattresses and other out-of-the-way spots that may be awkward for a larger vacuum to reach.

Tips to choose best handheld vacuum cleaner:


                Good thing about handheld vacuum cleaner is that it won’t cost high however checking durability if you prefer to choose on basis of budget.


Considering where to use the best handheld vacuum cleaner is the first thing before buying vacuum cleaner. For instance if you want to buy handheld vacuum cleaner to clean out your car you might want to buy cordless model. If you want to buy vacuum cleaner to clean out your carpet or clean out the mess your children make you might go for a cleaner with a high suction power. Handheld vacuum cleaner are typically made on customers need. There are handheld vacuum cleaner for pet owners to suck out hairs from surface efficiently.

Suction Power:

                Checking suction power is essential because these types of vacuum are used for spot cleaning so the machine must offer high suction power to get rid of mess on different kind of surface. Suction power, tools and size of vacuum opening also determine the efficiency of vacuum.


                You must go for different technology to compete better in market. Buyer should see for technologies like No Loss Suction, Cyclonic Action, and Hygienic Emptying System among the products.

Battery Power:


Battery capacity are vital if you are going to buy best cordless vacuum. Lithium ion batteries are typically more powerful than other battery types. Charging time depend on what kind of battery is used.


                Usually handheld vacuum comes up with different accessories to clean up different cleaning needs but most of customers do not like having extra tools. Customers usually like handheld vacuums which come up with build in tools which are easy to store unlike other models with attachable tools which can be misplace. But on the other hand using handheld vacuum cleaner which come up with extra tool kit can work more efficiently on different surface like using handheld vacuum having motorized brush that can be used to clean up hairs stuck on carpet.

Size and weight:

Handheld vacuum cleaner come up with different size and weight. Considering the size and weight is crucial because these vacuum pumps are handheld. It may feel heavy while using for long time unless you buy it to take care of quick messes. Size and weight is essential because these handheld vacuum are bought for having features like portable and easy to carry and also no need of large store to keep. Disadvantage of small handheld vacuum is it come up with small dirt bins too so it won’t help much if you clean often.  


            These are few essential details if you want to buy handheld vacuum cleaner that fits to your needs. These products are available everywhere either you buy it online or at physical store both give you different option. Online shops can give you more options while on the other hand physical stores will allow you to test the product. Whichever you choose always consider these tips while buying handheld vacuum pump.