Choosing the Best Chat SDK

Over the past decade the evolution of SDKs and APIs has made a huge impact in the world of software development. If you’re building a chat application, for example, you no longer need to code from scratch. A Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a comprehensive collection of software development tools that make it quicker to install chat, audio, and video calling into any application. SDKs work alongside and often contain APIs (Application Programming Interface). An API enables communication between two applications. Collectively SDKs and APIs provide a shortcut way for developers to add real-time communication features to mobile apps and websites. 

Chat SDKs are available via third-party communication providers, known generally as CPaaS (communication-platform-as-a-service) providers. In addition to SDKs, your CPaaS partner will provide an entire communication platform to build and host your application on. So what makes a great chat SDK and which SDK provider should you choose? Below we highlight Quickblox chat SDKs as a great option for creating an effective chat application.

  • Feature rich

QuickBlox provides feature-rich chat SDKs that enable multiple channels of communication including one-on-one chat, private group chat, public group chat, video and audio calling, multi-party video conferencing, file sharing, push notifications and so much more. They also offer additional features to enhance communication including chat moderation tools, chat history, and video recording. 

The range of features means you are not restricted in what you can build. Whether you require video chat integrated into a dating app, push notifications to remind patients of appointments in a healthcare app, or group messaging on a collaborative e-learning platform, QuickBlox SDKs have it all.

  • Cross-platform

QuickBlox has built SDKs in a variety of programming languages including JavaScript, iOS, Android, React Native, and Flutter. This means you can build apps that are compatible with a range of operating systems and that work seamlessly across all types of devices.

  • Easy-to-Integrate

QuickBlox SDKs have been designed to be easy-to-integrate. The QuickBlox team provides detailed documentation, code samples, and technical support so that you can get your app up-and-running in no time at all.

  • Secure

QuickBlox software is built on a secure platform and all data is encrypted. This means that when you build a messenger app with QuickBlox chat SDKs, all chat conversations and user data will remain private and secure. They also offer a range of additional security add-ons.

  • Scalable

Their robust platform also means you have access to a scalable infrastructure which will support the growth of your application as your daily traffic and number of active users continues to grow. 

  • Regularly updated

The QuickBlox development team keeps their SDKs regularly updated. This will maintain the performance of your application, as once your application is integrated with QuickBlox software, it will also be automatically updated too. 

  • White-label Solution

QuickBlox has used their SDKs and APIs to build their own ready-solution. Q-Consultation is a virtual room and video tele-consultation built on the QuickBlox platform, comprising both video calling and instant messaging. It is a fully customizable solution that can be modified to meet your specific use case and brand and can be easily integrated into existing software platforms, like a hospital’s EHR system, or a school’s e-learning platform. Used by a variety of industries including healthcare, finance, and e-commerce, Q-Consultation enables remote and secure communication.

Build Chat with QuickBlox SDKs

Building chat with SDKs allows businesses to save on time and resources. Choosing the right CPaaS provider can make all the difference. QuickBlox SDKs allow you to build powerful communication apps that are packed with features, suitable across devices including iOS, Android and the web, and highly secure. For even greater ease they offer a customizable white-label solution.

With over 30,000 software developers and companies worldwide relying on Quickblox as their go-to chat SDK and API provider, their solution has been used to create powerful messaging apps in a variety of industries. Visit their website today to learn more. 

Michael Caine

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