Choosing a Wedding Ring: Tips and Trends

Choosing the right ring is never easy. And there are many very different varieties to consider. And now we will tell you our tips on how to choose a ring.

What kind of rings are there?

In fact, there are many varieties of rings. These are everyday rings, and wedding rings, and engagement rings, seals. All rings can still be divided according to the type of metal they are made of. For example, made of silver or gold and other combinations with various stones: Platinum moissanite rings, turquoise, topaz, opal, ruby and so on.

How to choose a ring for every day?

Here it all depends on two things: your budget and your preferences. Think about which ring you are more attracted to. It can be red gold rings, diamond rings or affordable moissanite engagement rings. Or maybe you want an unusual silver ring?

Choosing an engagement ring

The engagement ring is given on the day of the engagement. It is worn before the wedding, and after the wedding, it can be worn on the other hand or on the finger next to the wedding ring. We have two recommendations for choosing an engagement ring:

  1. it is believed that the engagement ring should be with a stone. Albeit small, albeit inexpensive, but a stone. True, folk signs do not recommend taking a ring with pearls or ruby, diamond chips;
  1. it will be better if the engagement ring is made in the same style as the wedding ring. Then the wedding and engagement ring can be worn on the one hand.

By the way, here we have a whole article on the choice of engagement rings. Arm yourself with our advice, come, choose a ring and please your future soulmate!

How to choose a wedding ring?

Wedding rings are bought in pairs and usually have the same style. Classic, smooth wedding rings are very often bought. Or you can buy rings here with a real twist. For example, a diamond ring for a future soulmate, and even an unusual shape. In addition, the selection of wedding rings is very large, and you will certainly choose the right rings for yourself.

By the way, if you don’t know how to properly wear wedding (and engagement) rings, then here is our material about it.

How to choose Moissanite engagement rings?

When choosing Moissanite engagement rings, pay attention not only to the size of the jewelry. The moissanite should be combined with other decorations. For example, gold, platinum goes well with moissanite stone. 

The presence of a stone is also important. Some will like seals without inserts, while others will like products with different stones. Moissanite engagement rings are the most common and very popular option. Take a closer look at other products, for example, pomegranate or onyx seals.

It was also previously considered bad form if a man has more than two rings on one hand. Now you can find a combination of three or more rings on one hand, and this is perceived as quite commonplace. The main thing is that all rings and seals on the hand are made in a certain uniform style.