Choosing a vape wholesaler: 5 essential tips to know

So you want to trade e-liquids and vaping products? This is a multibillion-dollar business that is expected to be worth $50 billion in 2028. Meaning that if you leverage the demand for the product, you could make a lot of money. Top brands in the vape and e-liquid industry make billions of dollars annually. The move to start a vape business in 2022 is one of the best and most fantastic business ideas in the post-Covid era. You need to note the following when looking for a vape wholesaler.

Know what the prices are

This is such a simple thing to do. However, experience has shown that many retailers of Vape products do not compare prices. It is recommended to compare the various prices the wholesale vape suppliers have. For instance, a Celtic vapours wholesale price can be vastly different from other brands. This is often due to quality and manufacturing costs.

Perform some research on vape companies

When looking for companies for wholesale vaping products, you should perform in-depth research based on several factors. You might want to centre your research on the brand, price, bulk purchases, customer support, facilities, logistics, and so on. Research the companies based on parameters that can help your business grow.

There should be excellent customer service.

New businesses just starting in the Industry usually fail to recognise the importance of customer service to the vaping Industry. You need to be on good terms with your wholesale supplier because you need them for longevity. If you have poor customer service, you could end up with false charges and defective products. It would be best if you looked for a wholesaler whose customer service team is attentive and supportive.

Ask around within your location.

If you live around areas where vaping pens and other products are in high demand, you could easily spot a retailer around that location. Try to ask these retailers about the wholesalers where they get their products. They should be able to let you know about their wholesalers and anything else that you wish to know. As one of the best methods of referrals, word of mouth can take you a long way in the vape business.

Check out the inventory of wholesalers.

When exploring the different vape wholesale suppliers, you will want to set some time aside to explore the inventory of each wholesaler. It is highly essential to know the range of products that a wholesaler has. Some wholesalers have massive product catalogues. However, on researching further, you might see that many of the products in the catalogue are either not in demand or are outdated. As a new vape retailing business, you should know that vape products are currently in high demand by now. Ensure that your wholesale supplier is updated on the most recent trends in the Industry.

Verify the authenticity of products

Unfortunately, the vaping Industry is full of businesses that sell vape products that are either bootlegged or faked. In light of this, new retailers must question a vape company before working with them. Never shy away from making suppliers demonstrate or verify the authenticity and originality of their products.