Choosing a marketing agency in London

The most difficult thing in choosing an agency can be the fact that, as a business owner or director, your personal knowledge of marketing may be in principle to what you want your business wants to do too. A reputable and reliable marketing agency will work hard to convince your target audience. This is in what your unique selling points and why they should choose you over other businesses. The most efficient technique for deciding on a particular marketing firm in London is to start with your industry.

Make sure the agency doesn’t have bad communication

A marketing agency should be good by nature and not just name. The best way to judge the agency before you even meet them therefore is on the quality of their communications. How quickly do you get a call after enquiring? Do they listen and not just talk? What about their own marketing and approach – is it slick and admirable? If an agency in marketing can’t even market themselves or be bothered to call you as soon as you enquire, the chances are their communication will be pretty poor throughout your relationship with them, too.

That said, it’s often the case – especially with big marketing agencies – that you’ll start with the smooth talking directors before you join, and end up talking to the new guy once you’ve signed up, so be sure you ask about how they keep clients in the loop as one of your initial questions!

Make sure they are results orientated

Another serious red flag to look out for is an agency that promises certain results. Getting into the marketing and sales game, you have to realise that the whole thing is a risk. There are no guarantees of X number of leads coming your way or X% return on your investment. An agency that really knows their stuff will tell you this from the outset. Any agency worth their salt will be confident that what they do will work, but nobody should ever guarantee that.

Working with an agency that’s so convinced of themselves that they make promises is a dangerous route; they’ll likely be so self-absorbed that they won’t properly assess, track and measure as they go, blaming external forces for their short fallings. Make sure the agency you go with doesn’t make specific, outlandish promises and talks about measurement and tracking as a way of seeing what’s working and what’s not.

Overall – make sure it is a simple service

If an agency sounds like they’re trying to dazzle you with confusing new concepts, that’s probably exactly what they’re trying to do. If you can’t explain something in simple enough terms, you don’t understand it well enough yourself. That’s what makes an overuse of buzzwords a red flag of a bad agency. The chances are that they themselves haven’t got a clue what they’re on about. A great agency will be able to communicate that complex, new idea in the simplest of terms. This goes back to point one. If your agency can’t communicate both what they’re going to do for you and why, you should swerve them. Look for an agency that doesn’t just try to get your signature through waffle that makes them sound good. Look too for a good agency will build your relationship on clarity and transparency.

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