Choosing a good overall pub

Running a pub that will please everyone is a difficult task. YouGov research indicates that having a good atmosphere is one of the most important factors for people choosing a pub, as selected by 56%. Types of pub that are most-likely expected to have a good atmosphere are country or village pubs (44%) or independent pubs (39%). Food is a vital element to get right too. Over half (56%) said that the price of food was an important factor when choosing a pub. The range of said food is also important (51%), while high quality cooking is chosen by 48%.

There are some other points too

How presentable the pub in Bath is can be a make or break factor for some. 70% say a poor standard of cleanliness would act as a detriment to visiting a pub or returning to it. Bad toilets are also an issue for many (64%). Many bemoan how the pub trade has changed over the years, as over a third (35%) say there are not enough traditional pubs, while 34% say that there are too many chain pubs and bars that don’t have individuality and character. The re-emergence of real ale and craft beer is underlined by the fact that 17% say this is an important factor when choosing which pub to visit.

Good staff are key

Hiring the right staff at your pub is critical to success. Rude and unhappy staff will scare customers away; cordial staff will drive repeat business and create regulars. For that reason, hire staff with a certain amount of magnetism. After all, patrons should feel welcome and comfortable at your pub. Emphasise this point when hiring and training your staff.


Each beverage also can be served in multiples of their specific unit. For example, cocktails often contain double units. That would be two units of 125ml in this case. To comply with the law, it’s necessary to purchase measurements. When it comes to cocktails, where multiple spirits, as well as juice and sodas, can be added, jiggers make proportioning much easier. You can also buy them to measure wine and sherry Placing pourers on top of your spirit bottles is also necessary for avoiding spillage and being precise when mixing cocktails.

Your patrons are going to want what they pay for! Granted, a pub isn’t where most people would go to order a cocktail. But it’s still worth investing in some cocktail equipment, at least make sure your bartender knows the basics. A pub should always pull a good pint. But one that can mix a good cocktail along with it can really set itself apart from the competition.


Good stock control is essential to running a pub. A close eye on what goes in and out of your premises helps you maximise profits and plan for the future. Say you sell two beers on tap. One’s an IPA, the other’s a stout. You buy them for the same price, but when checking stock you notice that the IPA has vastly outsold the stout. You realise from this simple observation that, if you want to purchase stock to support demand and minimise waste, you should be stocking more IPA than stout.