Choose The Right Student Accommodation In Manchester

Manchester is the best city in Europe that welcomes students from all over the world. The first and foremost thing is that every student wants to get a degree then getting a job, and all the universities in Manchester help you with this. You can get a plethora of facilities in Manchester like, art, culture, shops on the doorstep, nightlife, music, restaurants, and sports. The cost of living is also less in Manchester. All these reasons encourage the students to move to Manchester for further studies. With the increasing number of students, the requirement for accommodation is also increasing. There is a wide range of accommodation available for student living Manchester. Before moving to accommodation, you should consider all the following options to get a better living apartment for you.


  • Transport facility: Before moving to accommodation, it is important to ensure the availability of transport facilities so that you don’t need to hassle in the future.
  • Safety: Safety is the topmost priority for every individual. The apartment you choose must follow the safety instructions and outsiders should not be allowed to enter.
  • Cultural barriers: When it comes to student accommodation, there should not be any cultural barriers because students come from different countries and backgrounds.

After considering the above points you can choose an apartment for your living. Various types of apartments are available, these are as follows:


  • A studio apartment or flat simply combines the functioning of different rooms (living room, bedroom, and kitchen) in a single room. These apartments are also known as a bachelor apartment and an efficiency apartment.

There are some reasons why you should choose studio apartments for your living.


These apartments are pocket friendly, it means that the cost of living in a studio apartment is less.


You have less space in the apartment, so it also requires less furniture. Thus you can focus on quality rather than quantity.


These apartments are easy to clean because it doesn’t have large space, so cleaning can be done quickly.


It also requires fewer utilities, it means that in summer it is easy to cool small space of the apartment, on the other hand, to heat in the winter season.


These apartments require less maintenance and less cleaning in a studio, it means that you have more time and money with yourself. You can spend the money to go to adventure or follow your passion and you can also have enough time to spend it with near and dear ones.


  • En-suite accommodation has a bathroom connected to the bedroom. Private rooms and dorm-style rooms can also be known as en-suite rooms.

The following points will help you to know why you should choose an en-suite room.


It adds value and appeal to your home. In case you want to sell your home then the buyers will prefer more en-suite rooms than others.


These types of rooms are convenient for the living members because you don’t need to walk down in the early morning or late night again. In en-suite rooms, by taking a few steps you can get everything you need.


Nowadays, everyone is busy with their work and they need a quiet and private space for themselves. That’s why these rooms are designed for. It gives a quiet, private, and luxurious environment for you.


  • Private halls of residences are chosen by some students. These private halls are managed by charitable institutions or commercial companies. The price of this accommodation depends on the quality, location, and facilities provided to the students.

For students, this type of accommodation is very much comfortable.


This is well-equipped and furnished accommodation.


The rental rates for private halls of residence depending on the facilities you want to have. For every extra facility, you have to pay extra charges for that.


  • Shared apartments are those where you share the kitchen and living room with one or more persons. These apartments are shared by one or more persons.

The cost of living in a shared apartment is less because you can share utilities (rent, water, gas, and electricity) with your roommates.


For more savings you can buy groceries with your roommate. This will surely help to save more money.


You can always have a good company all the time because you are living in shared accommodation with one or more persons.


Quality of living will increase by sharing a large flat with common rooms.


  • Shared en-suite means where you have shared toilet and shower facility with other rooms, you will not get a personal bathroom.

The rental charges of shared en-suite are less because you are going to share a bathroom with other rooms too.


In this type of accommodation, the size of the bathroom will increase. There will be a bathtub and sometimes an extra shower facility.


When it comes to maintenance, all the students who are living in the accommodation have to contribute together. It means that maintenance charges will be shared by all.


  • The dual occupancy studio is specially designed for couples. These kinds of apartments are couple friendly and you can get 1 double bed, 2 desks, and 2 chairs included in a studio apartment.

If you want to live with your partner then you will get a shared bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom in dual occupancy studio.


Storage facilities are available like drawers and wardrobes.


You can also get social spaces in the accommodation.


Hence, for a student, it is difficult to choose an accommodation in a foreign country. There is off-campus and on-campus accommodation that is available for the students. Off-campus accommodation is located far away from the universities, on the other hand, on-campus accommodation is provided by the college or university in the form of hostels. Many things need to consider before selecting an apartment for yourself like, budget, safety, transportation facilities, etc. After all these things, you can choose accommodation according to your preferences and at affordable rates. Various types of accommodation are available for the students so that they can live comfortably.