Choose the Best Tea Powder Wholesale Rates Across India

Are you a tea reseller looking for the lowest tea powder wholesale rates to improve your business profits? If yes, this is the right post for you. Here, we have listed several approaches that you can take to choose the lowest wholesale rates to grow your tea powder business.

1. Choose Single PD Grade Tea Powders

One of the best steps you can take to get the best tea powder wholesale price is to choose tea powders of a single PD grade. This is because, unlike blended PD grade tea powders that include other CTC tea grades like BP, BOPSM, and OF, single grade tea powders have a much lesser wholesale rate and retail price in general.

Tea manufacturers in Siliguri, such as Naturolled Tea, offer attractive tea powder wholesale with the lowest bulk purchase rates. The tea powder batches are pure PD grade and therefore are in pure dust form that works as a standalone tea grade and also blends well with other CTC tea grades.

2. Choose Tea Powders of Siliguri Origin

Another important step to take in order to get the best wholesale rates for your tea powder business is to choose tea powders of Siliguri and Dooars origin. This is because Dooars tea have a relatively low wholesale rate than teas of other tea regions, such as Assam and Darjeeing.

Some of the leading Siliguri tea companies, such as Naturolled Tea, source tea powders directly from Dooars tea gardens. The direct and local sourcing of tea offers several benefits, such as more freshness, natural quality, and low wholesale rates.

3. Choose Tea Powder Wholesale of Previous Batches

One secret approach that profitable tea powder businesses use is to deal in tea powders of previous batches and not the current ones. Compared to the latest flush batches, previous year batches have much lower wholesale rates as most tea traders try to clear previous batch stocks that they have piled up in their warehouses.

Also, previous flush batches tea powders do retain freshness and flavour if the tea traders have stored them well in moisture-free warehouses. Therefore, make sure to check the storage warehouses before buying previous batch tea powders in wholesale rates.

4. Stock Up in Advance for Off-Seasons

One of the biggest mistakes that many tea powder businesses make is to overlook the importance of stocking up for off seasons when there are no tea harvests, such as winter months.

As part of ensuring that your tea powder business does not get impacted during off seasons, make sure to buy bulk tea powders in wholesale rates in advance. Purchase in quantities that will last throughout the off season so that you do not have to buy another stock at inflated wholesale rates.

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