Choose the best Recruitment Agency As Per Your Requirement

To get recruited from the start of matter, be smile and convincing. A person welcomes you, offer you a coffee, a tea, a glass of water or simply to sit down, the interview has already started. Even if it is not always the recruiter who will do the interview, this person will already have a first impression on you. So strive to be smiling, to have a confident handshake and to appear natural. Unlike traditional companies, recruiters in firm see dozens of candidates per week and have no particular apprehension when they come in for an interview. So adopt the same state of mind as them, be relaxed (without being slack!). Below tricks can help you reach your goal. Taking the help of a recruitment agency for thailand is the perfect solution here.

Don’t Arrive With Empty Hands

Too many candidates arrive empty-handed for the interview. This reflects a real lack of interest in meeting the recruiter and a lack of preparation. So bring with you items that will show your involvement. At a minimum, it seems wise to have with you a copy of your CV (the recruiter may have forgotten to print it) as well as a notebook so that you can enter the essential information provided by the person who will receive you. Then, depending on the position sought, you can bring copies of your creations for graphic designers or manufacturers, of your activity reports for commercial or financial positions or even brochures from your former companies for positions in marketing. Finally, a smartphone could be useful for showing the recruiter digital documents (website, Facebook page, video, etc.) or for finding information quickly.

Present Yourself by Highlighting the Highlights of Your Journey

After talking about their firm, the recruiter will surely ask you to introduce yourself. Lasting approximately 3 to 5 minutes, this presentation in the form of storytelling must be considered before the meeting. It must be able to highlight as much as possible the points of your course that meet the offer for which you are interviewing. For example, if you are applying for a commercial position in a printing house, it is better to focus on your address book and your printing experience rather than your passion for kayaking or your great 3rd year internship in the IT department of your parents’ company. Present your background by starting with training then detail your professional experiences from the oldest to the most recent, focusing on the most relevant for the position; for all your experiences, describe the business sector of the company and its workforce, the type of contract, the length of the post, the assignments entrusted to you and the results you obtained.