Air Cooler for Home: How to Choose the Right one

As summer approaches, we tend to go into panic mode, thinking about how hot and humid it will get. Then we start thinking about buying an appliance that will cool the house, and suddenly we are worried about the what’s, why’s, how’s, and when of it all. Whether you are buying the best air coolers in India or an air conditioner, there are a lot of factors to consider before you select one.

You must have heard your friends and acquaintances worry about how high their electricity bill was, thanks to air conditioners. What if there is a pocket-friendly option to not only keep the electricity bill minimal but also eco-friendly?

Air coolers or evaporative coolers are compact and portable devices that keep your house cool and are also perfect for small spaces. If you are in a dilemma as to how to choose the right Read more about Air Cooler for personal use, then fret not.

Below are 5 tips that will help ease your confusion:

Type of air cooler

Check your room size and space inside the room. This helps you decide which type of air cooler to choose. There are three different types of air coolers:

  1. Personal air cooler: They can be used for small rooms and can be easily moved from room to room.
  2.  Desert air cooler: They are made to fulfill heavy cooling needs. The motor is quite powerful and has a high capacity water tank. They can be fixed outside a window; therefore, it doesn’t occupy any space inside the house.
  3. Tower air coolers: They are modelled like a tower so that they do not consume a lot of space and yet give effective cooling.

Energy efficiency

Just like air conditioners, air coolers too have power consumption details displayed on them. This is a very important factor to consider if you want to save up on those energy bills.

Inverter compatibility

Nowadays, the best air coolers in Indiacan provide constant cooling for a few hours despite power cuts depending upon the inverter’s battery capacity. Since power cuts are quite common during the summer months, it can be quite comforting to have an air cooler that runs on the inverter. 


Air coolers are quite low maintenance. From time to time, wipe its outer body. After summer is over, ensure that you drain the water tank and cover the cooler. Switch on the fan-only function for either half hour or an hour so as to drain out the water completely. Water pumps can require maintenance from time to time. High-quality air coolers come with 100% copper motors, which ensure long-term performance.


Some features, if kept in mind, can be really beneficial-

  1. Cooling pads
    Most air coolers these days use honeycomb cooling pads, which provide maximum cooling and durability. The pad should be at least 90mm thick to provide effective cooling.
  2. Electronic Thermostats
    Coolers with this feature help vary the fan speed. It also automatically switches on and off the pump and fan. 
  3. Automatic water level controller and indicator
    Gone are the days when you constantly had to check water levels while filling water to avoid flooding on your floor. Once you set the level, this feature helps maintain water to that level. On the other hand, the water level indicator helps in determining the amount of water left in the cooler.
  4. Speed Adjustor
    Variable speed options allow you to regulate the speed as per your choice. In case it gets a little cold, you can control the temperature too.
  5. Portability
    Air coolers come with wheels at the bottom. This way, it is easier for you to drag it across rooms.
  6. Remote control
    Just like the best air conditioners in India, the latest coolers also come with remote controls. This makes it very convenient. You can switch modes with just a touch of a button. 

    Air coolers are available at affordable price ranges as compared to the best air conditioners in India. They do not require installation. You can just simply unpack and start using it. Always go in for a good brand when purchasing an air cooler. I hope the above tips help you in making the right decision.