How to Choose the Best Photo for Custom Diamond Painting?

Custom Diamond Painting
Custom Diamond Painting


Customized Diamond painting provides you an opportunity to enjoy yourself with your loved ones entirely. The joy of doing diamond painting doubles when individuals are doing a customized or personalized diamond painting as it adds more meaning to the fun activity.

The biggest advantage of customized diamond painting is that you can turn your most treasured photo into an elegant piece of artwork. The home décor elements play a vital role in health, stress and overall mental wellbeing. Studies suggest that designing a home with items that you like and that are close to nature or a beautiful memory decreases stress levels, reduces chances of mental disorders, and increases the feeling of comfort. 

With customized diamond painting by will not only select the image or pattern of the final image. But you will also be able to create it. Besides, you will be able to make new memories while painting the diamond painting. This way, you will create a home décor item with your efforts, time, and love while having fun at the same time. 

Custom-designed diamond painting enables the painting of a unique piece of art, and the feeling of joy, bliss, and fulfillment it creates is incomparable to any other. Moreover, it is a luxury that anyone can afford and enjoy. The personalizing image that will appear on completion of diamond painting makes the activity more enjoyable as its impact is unparalleled.

You have to put much thought into the selection of colors, size, and shape of the picture for customized diamond painting. The shape, size of the picture, and color theme you select determines the overall appearance of the three-dimensional image. 

The sticking agent: whether it’s gum or wax or a self adhesive canvas, determines the lifespan of the final diamond painting. The quality of the canvas also affects the overall appearance of the diamond painting. An elegant artwork is created when every item, even a single diamond, is placed at its appropriate place at the right angle. 

To create a unique exemplary piece of art the shape of the canvas, its size, and quality shall be considered. Every item or tool that is used in diamond painting plays a key role in its final image and long-lastingness. 

Select Picture Size For Customized Diamond Painting

Select Picture Size For Customized Diamond Painting
Select Picture Size For Customized Diamond Painting

The size of the customized diamond painting shall be selected following the size of the canvas and place where you are going to hang the final diamond painting. There is a broad spectrum of sizes available in which customized diamond paintings are created. 

Some most used sizes for customized diamond paintings are 20*20cm, 40*40cm, 60*60cm, and 80*80cm. Furthermore, bigger-sized pictures mean you will require more time to complete the diamond painting, which is time-consuming. However, it also enables you to spend more time with your loved ones and have more fun. 

Smaller-sized diamond paintings are easier to do as they are completed in a shorter duration of time. Moreover, you do not get bored while doing it, nor do you lose interest in it. Small-customized paintings give confidence and motivate individuals to do better.

Diamond Shape And Color Of Customized Diamond Painting

The selection of shapes depends entirely on your preference or choice of those who are going to paint the diamond painting. Selecting the shape together with a diamond painting partner is better as it is a mutual effort through which you will create personal artwork. 

The color of diamonds depends upon the type of picture you select for your customized diamond painting. A colorful picture means you will require more customized-colors for beads to create the desired customized diamond paint. However, a black and white-themed customized diamond painting will require more beads of the two colors only.

The custom diamond painting provides brimmed full-drill coverage to ensure you have all the fun possible while doing diamond painting with your loved ones. 

Type Of Picture For Your Custom Diamond Painting 

It is best to select a simple image for customizing diamond painting, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Starting from simple you can move to higher next levels, this will enable you to create an eye-catching image. 

If you select a complex picture with a lot of small details then its completion is likely to become challenging and complicated. Also, a simpler image with fewer details will create a more appealing diamond painting

The background of the diamond painting also plays an important role in the overall outlook. Simpler and blurred backgrounds are for customizing diamond painting. Because it makes the subject of the picture look more prominent and does not overshadow the main focus of the image. 

The aspect ratio is the correlation between the height and width of the photo. The picture and canvas you select for painting the diamond painting must have a similar aspect ratio. If the aspect ratio of canvas and custom-image is not the same, it will affect the overall look and decrease its appeal. 

Similarly, the orientation of the picture and canvas must be the same. If you select a portrait photo, the canvas must be in the same orientation because customizing a portrait photo for a landscape canvas or vice versa will yield an uncanny diamond painting. 

Cropping Images For Customized Diamond Painting

Cutting or cropping a portion of an image may sound harsh to you. However, customization is for highlighting and focusing on the subject, for that cropping is essential. It is better to crop unwanted background or portion of the picture to customize diamond painting. 

Furthermore, try to make the subject matter equal to 3/4th of the picture by cropping the unnecessary portion. You must consider the color, shade, and shadowing effects of the image and customize the color of beads or diamonds according to it. It will enable you to generate an elegant masterpiece of artwork.