Chocolate finally finds itself at a new sweet spot

Chocolate that were once considered under the category of, heavy fat and unhealthy food option, have finally found a new spot and transformed itself in a completely new and innovative group.. There are some that buy ready made hampers that contain chocolates and then there are others who buy chocolates online and then get them delivered. The usual myth that people had in their minds is that chocolates are to be given only at valentines or anniversaries. But, in recent time a good luxurious box of chocolates can be an ideal gift for other occasions as well.

A chocolate is considered a perfect gift for anyone because it does not matter whether it is given to an adult or kid, or female or male. Certain occasions where chocolates are considered perfect are

  1. Baby showers: It is usually seen that people get baby clothes or even toys for the baby showers, but one thing that we ignore is that there would be some expecting mother that requires some TLC. Imagine how loved could you make the pregnant woman feel by showing up with her favourite chocolates packed beautifully. A great tip here would be that in case your friend is expecting a girl, consider getting her strawberry creams. The delicious pink center would be perfect for the occasion
  2. Engagements : raise a toast to would be newlyweds with their favourite box of chocolate. Something that both the partners would enjoy is chocolates and one cannot go wrong. In the earlier times people related chocolates to women but research shows that it is men who have a stronger sweet tooth.
  3. Graduation: A graduation ceremony is the perfect time to give chocolates. Gifts like cards and money are almost boring and cliché. Another tip, sometimes a pretty box of delicious chocolates could celebrate the difficult achievements and pinpoint towards the sweeter things that are about to come.
  4. Birthdays: A gift for children is usually considered very simple as one knows exactly what they need, such as toys, but for an adult we are usually left to think about the options. A box packed with gourmet chocolates would be a perfect choice for any individual irrespective of the age or gender. It has been seen that adults of ages 18 to 44 have maximum chocolate consumption which is 33% and from 45 to 65 it is 31% which shows that everyone loves chocolates.
  5. Thanking: When you are truly grateful for the presence of someone in your life, simply saying “thank you” does not seem enough. Gourmet chocolates are just the perfect thing to symbolize ones gratitude. No lengthy notes saying thank you are required, just a box of chocolates and simple words ” Thank you”.
  6. House warming: If your new neighbors have arrived or some old friends are celebrating a housewarming party, it is really confusing to know what would be the perfect gift. Chocolates is perfect since any amount of desserts is always welcome. A tip to follow is giving pineapple chocolates since pineapple is a symbol used for welcome.

So the next time you have any of the above occasions planned just grab a box of chocolates or simply send chocolates online.