Chloe Liu, aka NFT Bubby, is your buddy for all things NFT

Chloe Liu, better known for her Instagram and NFT alias Bubby which most often ends up being Bubby or NFT Bubby, is a 29 year old NFT collector who is looking forward to having her NFT collection inspire others and shed light into the vast new NFT world. Chloe Liu is proficient in providing services like NFT featuring and blogging, promotion of NFTs, and also educating about NFTs.

As a sales professional, Chloe is skilled in high profile account management, sales management and investments. She was formally also the owner of an Amazon FBA business. Being in the automotive and renewable energy for almost a decade, she wanted to explore new things. That is when she started to dedicate her free time to exploring and learning about NFTs.

Her NFT page features NFT projects that she is following closely and are ones with high utility and benefits. Her goal is to share projects she follows and help offer education in the NFT space. She, however, feels the need to emphasize that the information she offers is not financial advice.

She had been an investor with stock and crypto in the last couple of years, but since this just a hobby she enjoys in her free time, she believes, it shows that anyone can get into the crypto and NFT space. One doesn’t need to be an expert to get into the crypto and NFT space. They just need to be willing to make mistakes and learn as much as possible.

While mentioning the milestones she has achieved in terms of personal or professional achievements, growing her Instagram account to have a following of over 10k followers (all gathered in less than 6 months) has to be a huge achievement. Her other achievements include collaborating with various large NFT groups. She is also the project advisor of Hustlers of Wall Street and helps them with social media, discord management, and moderation management in multiple NFT groups.

For the future, she plans to expand her NFT Instagram and bring more education and awareness to her followers. She is also in the middle of some exciting plans to join the Metaverse with several NFT projects and continuing to manage NFT servers and projects. A short-term goal for her is to hit over 100k followers on Instagram and long-term goal is to continue to bring ongoing education and NFT growth and awareness for her followers.