CHINE Covid 19: Against international stigma

Since the end of 2022, China has relaxed its anti-Covid-19 measures both domestically and internationally. This decision restarted the process of people from all over the world entering and leaving Chinese territory.

For some countries seeking geopolitical tactics, however, it is an opportunity to smear some Chinese-Chinese by digging up absurd arguments about the origins of Covid-19, which they believe is Chinese.


What the hell is going on?

[1]Without the contribution of a world-famous scientist, it is difficult to answer such questions. Congo Professor Francine NTOUMI, president of the Congo Medical Research Foundation, was asked not only about the current state of Covid in the world, but also about all the measures taken by China in this post-Covid period to relax measures for the free movement of goods and people.

For the professor. FrancineNtoumi, the SARS-CoV virus is still circulating.  Therefore, the health service continues to carry out research work, especially on various strains in circulation. But she says the advantage we have now is that we know about the disease. At first, it was unknown, now biologically, in terms of tools, we have tools to fight it, what keeps it with us, but it is no longer a danger as it was a few years ago.

“Internationally, for example at many airports, mask wearing is strictly recommended but not mandatory, leaving passengers free to choose.  There are still fewer and fewer requirements for Covid testing in some countries “. Said, Professor. FrancineNtoumi noted that a substantial step towards the eventual return to normalcy has been taken on the international stage.

Francine NTOUMI appreciated the mitigation measures taken by the Chinese authorities. He pointed out that there has been a lot of discussion about the epidemic situation in China and its resurgence in China; These strains were analyzed and published. There is no difference; There are no different strains that are not circulating around the world, and these strains have no specificity. Therefore, I think the measures taken are completely appropriate.

When it comes to the origins of Covid-19, there is no reason to label a country. Because various studies have not proved this origin.