Chin Up! HIFU Technology Takes on Double Chin: A Non-Surgical Solution for Defined Jawlines

HIFU has earned itself the moniker ‘lunchtime face lift’ due to its fast procedure. No downtime is needed after this quick procedure; although some patients may experience redness or bruising the next day, says our dermatologist.

What is HIFU?

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is an innovative non-invasive and painless treatment for double chin removal. This non-surgical option heats collagen fibres under your skin to tighten it and diminish the appearance of double chin. In addition, fat cells are destroyed to shed off unwanted weight – providing a great alternative to facelift or liposuction procedures due to being less invasive.

People may experience slight discomfort during treatment; many describe it as tiny electric pulses or prickling sensations. Our new Focus Dual HIFU device is much more comfortable than older traditional devices as its safety assist transducer ensures heat only reaches targeted areas without causing tissue or bone damage.

HIFU treatment can help people who have mild to moderate skin laxity of the neck or chin. It may not be appropriate for people who exhibit severe photo-aging or have excessively loose skin; please book a consultation to determine whether HIFU may be right for you.

How does HIFU work?

HIFU works by targeting the deep structural layers of your skin, unlike cosmetic surgery which targets only its outermost layers. Penetrating ultrasound energy penetrates skin tissue and stimulates collagen production resulting in a face lift without scalpels.

At first, a physician or technician will use an ultrasound gel on the neck and chin area before applying it with an HIFU device that emits ultrasound waves for 30-90 minutes in short bursts, says our Dermatologist in Mumbai.

As ultrasound waves penetrate your target area, you may experience some discomfort. Over-the-counter pain relievers like Tylenol or Ibuprofen (Advil) may help manage this discomfort.

Focal HIFU treatment has proven highly successful at treating patients suffering from various medical conditions, including early-stage prostate cancer. Focal HIFU has been shown to shrink tumour size while leading to more effective radiation treatments with reduced side effects like urinary incontinence or erectile problems.

HIFU can be an excellent non-invasive solution for people who wish to restore facial volume and tighten the skin without the downtime that a surgical facelift requires. However, this treatment may not suit everyone. Individuals with severe skin laxity or extensive photo damage may require multiple sessions in order to achieve results.

Is HIFU safe?

HIFU is an effective, non-invasive treatment to diminish double chins. The process uses ultrasound waves to heat and stimulate collagen fibres in your skin, tightening it with long-term effects that improve with time. Furthermore, this therapy may also aid with age prevention since production of collagen decreases with age.

HIFU does not involve an extensive recovery period like other procedures such as face lifts. As it’s completely safe and painless, so you can return to normal activities immediately afterwards. Although, some mild redness or swelling in the area might persist after treatment.

Visit only an experienced and trained HIFU practitioner when considering this form of treatment. Top aesthetic doctors often use this technology, as it can tighten skin and decrease cellulite while improving fine lines. At our clinics we use an Ultra former III device designed specifically to maximise results of HIFU treatments.

What is the recovery period?

HIFU requires no downtime, allowing you to return immediately to daily activities following treatment. Some redness or swelling may occur post-treatment; this should subside within hours, says our Celebrity Dermatologist in Mumbai.

HIFU hand piece uses focused ultrasound waves to target specific areas where fat cells reside and dissolve them, tightening skin tightening while simultaneously decreasing pore size, fine lines/wrinkles/acne scarring. It provides an effective facial contouring technique.

No matter if you are losing weight or facial volume due to age, HIFU can eliminate double chins by reducing excess fat deposits and stimulating collagen production, as well as reshaping neck and jaw lines.


HIFU treatments are recommended for people over 30 with mild to moderate skin laxity who do not exhibit severe loose skin or extensive photo-ageing, or sun exposure or tan inner use prior to treatment. Individuals who have open lesions or infections in the targeted area are not suitable candidates for HIFU.

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