Chill Out In Los Angeles – Luxury Vacation In 2021

Planning a trip to Los Angeles? You will have everything that you need: here is a list of the most important places to visit in Los Angeles.

To be able to experience the essence of Los Angeles, it is essential to have stepped on the ground in certain areas of the city. Perhaps the most important, and the one with the greatest number of tourist attractions, is Hollywood. However, there are many more. Here is a brief description of each of the places to visit in Los Angeles, so you can decide which places to see. Now, all you have to plan your trip to Los Angeles in advance, book spirit airlines reservations, and get a heavy discount on each booking. Grab it, before the deal ends.

Hope! this list may complete you, especially if you travel for a few days. In this case, it is recommended to give you a review of the three-day itinerary through Los Angeles. If you want to complete your trip with others points of interest near Los Angeles, don’t miss the itineraries and excursions section.

Here are the most outstanding places to visit in Los Angeles!


Traveling to Los Angeles is synonymous with visiting Hollywood. Its well-known film industry makes this district a great tourist attraction in Los Angeles. It is currently the mecca of world cinema. If you want to experience in the first person what you always saw behind a screen, this is your chance.

Downtown Los Angeles

It is essential to visit downtown Los Angeles and walk in the middle of its skyscrapers. If you visit the civic center you will be able to know the nerve center of the city of stars. In this area, there are buildings as emblematic as the city hall and the cathedral of our lady of the angels.

Beverly Hills

Everyone knows that there is a place called Beverly Hills. His fame is that it hides much of the stars of Hollywood and also has seen the neighborhood in numerous series and films.

But… Why visit Beverly Hills? Because you will have the opportunity to see large mansions riding on an American trolley (minibusses with the appearance of old trams), you can also enjoy a walk through the famous shopping street rodeo drive.

Sunset strip

Also known as “the strip”, you may have heard its name in a song. Visiting the sunset strip in Los Angeles is almost a must. This neighborhood has a particular charm and a very bohemian atmosphere. It is known for its rock clubs, colorful billboards, “chic” restaurants, and great nightclubs.

Santa Monica

Bath yourself or take a drink on the beautiful beach of Santa Monica is another activity that will make you feel the essence of Los Angeles. Its famous pier and the pacific park fairground give a picturesque charm to the place. You can also treat yourself to a swim in Venice beach or go rollerblading along the ocean avenue promenade (packed with street performers and performances of all kinds).


One of the most typical neighborhoods in Los Angeles is Chinatown, known as Chinatown. Here is Olvera Street, the oldest street in the city. The visiting Chinatown you will discover the essence of the famous Chinatowns through its temples, museums, streets, and squares.

Activities you might love to enjoy

Farmer’s market:

The farmers market is a food market that opened its doors in 1934. In it, you can find the freshest products and taste the gastronomy and the most representative raw materials of the city, such as butter, meats, cheeses gourmet or hot donuts, along with the new flavors that have been introduced in the city, such as sushi or Mexican food.

Olvera street:

This street, considered the oldest in Los Angeles, was absorbed by Chinatown and is considered the street where the city was born, its cradle, its oldest part, more linked to its Mexican and Spanish origins. It was the settlement of the first 11 Spanish families that settled in Los Angeles.

Get to know the first Disney park

Designed in life by Walt Disney himself, Disneyland park opened in 1955. Like its counterparts in Orlando or Paris, this park reproduces the animated world of Disney between rides and roller coasters. Disneyland in Los Angeles among the many attractions especially highlights star tours: the adventures continue a 3d adventure outside this galaxy. Come dance with Ana and Elsa from frozen or with Luigi’s cousins ​​in Rollickin’roadsters, enjoy classics like the big thunder mountain railroad or California screaming everything is possible in the land of fantasy.

In the Nutshell

At the end of the blog, hope these places to visit in Los Angeles might look dreamy, but they aren’t. So, get ready to cherish in between all this and much more, by planning your Los Angeles Trip with Airlines Vacations, and have a fantastic experience!