Child Injury Lawyer and Fighting for Justice

Experiencing an injury and personal hurt at the hands of someone else can be a traumatic experience, and the victim is often left to fight for justice by themselves. Whether you have been hurt on the road, in public, or at work, there is always something you can do to redress your suffering. A car accident injury claim specialist can help you in your fight for justice by taking up your case in and out of court.

Child injury claims lawyers are often viewed in a negative light in the media as a way for people to make money off the council or another public body when they have not suffered that much. However, the truth is that every person who fakes injuries or at least the extent of their injuries just to win monetary compensation is tiny to the number of people who are hurt physically or mentally due to the wrongdoing of others. And these people have the right to claim justice.

Seattle child injury lawyer can help children with their cases by assessing the facts and analyzing whether there is a case to be made or not. Unfortunately, some injury claims do not go ahead simply because of a lack of evidence, and although this can be heartbreaking for the victim, there is nothing that can be done. However, in the majority of cases, there is enough evidence to claim criminal or financial compensation, sometimes even an apology is all that the victim wants and deserves.

When this is the case, a child injury claim specialist will bring the claimant’s story to a claim tribunal or court of justice and make the case for redress. The offending party will be invited to defend themselves and a judge or magistrate will decide who the victor is. So long as the solicitor retells all of the facts accurately and the physical or emotional harm can be proven, as well as the wrongdoing of the defendant, then compensation will be granted. If the child’s injury was caused because of something that can be rectified, the official in court will also order this to be put right. This might be a loose paving stone, an unstable handrail, or something else which could cause injury.

Most attorney firms will have a child injury lawyer practicing with them who has experience with these types of claims. This experience often makes the solicitor able to empathize with your situation and the stress which you have gone through.

Child Injury Claim Specialists Conquer Third-Party Capture

Insurance companies and injury claim specialists have never really seen eye to eye. Whilst legal expert works hard to get their client the justice, compensation, and resolution they deserve, insurance businesses are intent on settling at the minimum amount possible and will often treat their customers with no respect when they submit a claim. Recently, a new battle between the two groups has emerged as ‘Third Party Capture’ methods used by insurance companies have come under mounting criticism from consumers, legal experts, and industry watchdogs.

At present, Seattle child injury lawyer are not allowed to approach the child victim of injury. Instead, they must wait to be approached by the victim. On the other hand, insurance companies waste no time in offering their customers a settlement value before they have even taken legal advice. Sometimes the methods used by these companies add up to no less than bullying and harassment. Victims of an accident who have been left injured are then injured once more as they are forced to settle on a figure which is nowhere near the amount of compensation they could have gotten if only they had used an injury claim specialist.

And now injury claim specialists are fighting back by helping to raise awareness of third-party capture and the aggressive behavior of insurance businesses. So much for the reputation, that compensation lawyers have gained as being ‘ambulance chasers’, they are not even legally allowed to approach victims of accidents. This tactic used by insurance companies to lower their pay-outs and increase profits by denying victims the financial justice they need and deserve truly is a low blow.

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