Chicisimo is the leading international model/talent agency

In the world of advertising, marketing, and promotions, the campaigning strategy most of the time features a model to grasp the attention of the audience and viewers. The influencer and model culture has been on the rise ever since the digital marketing industry saw a boom. Celebrities are reached out to promote brands and become brand ambassadors while models are contacted on a project basis. Chicisimo is a modelling agency that offers OnlyFans models to be employed for full-scale services.

Chicisimo is a modelling and talent agency based in Germany providing top-notch quality services to its clients worldwide. With its expertise, industry knowledge, and systematic account management, Chicisimo has grown into a 50 member competent team, including an all-female account management team trained and skilled in achieving talent success. It is also known as a talent agency for OnlyFans models. Chicisimo is popularly known for offering its model’s full-scale services such as promotions, brand deals, photoshoots, account managers, and a lot more. The creators of Chicisimo aim to make its models more than just sponsored influencers. It aspires to create its models into a charismatic brand.

Chicisimo is one of the fastest-growing agencies in the world. It manages 25 renowned models that make more than $50K (USD) on an average monthly. Chicisimo was created two years ago to promote models and convert them into a brand in itself. Chicisimo works with self-driven creators and OnlyFans models to achieve or sustain a highly coveted percentile. The team at Chicisimo provides top-quality service to the talents and models associated with it. It is a fully developed business with structure, expertise, and the highest-performing accounts. In a matter of just two years, Chicisimo was flourishing in 8-figures by turning its models into brands.

Chicisimo aspires to continue providing its splendid services all over the globe and be the biggest brand in the modeling and talent management industry in Germany and all over the world.

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