Chice Represents Something Amazing | Represents A Lifestyle

It is a word that originated from the English language. The word has several meanings in various languages. For example, its meaning in the Urdu language is Fashion Dai. Because of the various meanings of this word, it is used in various situations along with many other words.

But for the appropriate usage of this word, it is important to know several meanings of this word. In this way, you can easily use this word in various situations. Here we will describe some definitions of this word with examples.

Chice definition

‘‘It describes a type of lifestyle or something extremely awesome.’’

For example:

  • Your new t-shirt is very chice.
  • I like to live a chice life.

The other synonyms of this word are sick, nice, amazing, awesome, nice, and stoked. It also describes something that can produce from olives. It also uses as a short form of a word cheese slice. For example, if you have to ask someone for a piece of cheese slices, you can simply say:

Can I have a chice for my cheese?

The other definition of chice is that it represents a very delicious food. This type of food is a mixture of Hormel and grained rice. The prepared food is derivative of chilies and from its texture, it is very delectable. It is mostly present with toast or crackers as an aside.


It is a verb that shows an action to force someone to resign. It causes or forces the resignation of something. The real meaning of this word is to leave something, leave a position which someone is currently holding. It also means to leave a place, usually a place of power or authority. During resignation, a person leaves a place not by his or her consent, but due to the applied pressure or force.

The other meanings of this word are too:

  • relegate someone or something
  • give up intentionally
  • leave a place or position
  • quit a job or office
  • give up on something or someone with your consent

This word is a neologism in the English language. The word originated after its first-time usage by a co-lead of Goggle when one worker resigned. In this way, the word resignated has made its place in the Oxford dictionary. This verb was originally defined as an act of resigning from a job or position. But now many other alternative verbs have used instead of this word which shows the same meaning. The origin of this word is in the mid-16th century, but, now in the 20th century, the used of this verb is rare. Sometimes this verb is taken as a wrong addition in the English language. Some people think that the verb resignated mistakenly used for the word resonate in a reality show. But from all the study and research on this word, it is clear that this word is used to represent an act of resigning from a job or position.