Chertsey Taxis: A Taxi Service In Surrey That Is Redefining Reliability And Comfort

There are many taxi services in Surrey which are punctual. There are some which are very comfortable. However, there are next to none which provide both these qualities in the right measure. While many taxi services have tried to provide those qualities in the past, only Chertsey Taxis has been successful in getting the balance between the two right. Consequently, you now have a taxi service in town that knows how to reach your pick up point on time and provide you with a comfortable, hassle-free ride to your destination. The best part is that this innovative approach to taxi services comes at a very reasonable cost.

We’re sure you want to know more about this taxi service.

Chertsey Taxis is a licensed cab service that provides services in Chertsey, Weybridge and surrounding areas in Surrey. The service, which prides itself on the attention it gives to the needs of its customers, is perhaps the most punctual taxi service in the area. Known for arriving on time and reaching the destination in the stipulated time frame, Chertsey Taxis has built a reputation with its consistency and high-quality standards.

Chertsey Taxis adheres to very high maintenance standards, which ensures that its vehicles are always fit to serve your needs and do not break down during your journey. It meticulously follows the mechanical servicing and maintenance routine, carried out by experts regularly, to maintain the reliability and comfort that it promises to provide to its customers. Many of Chertsey Taxis customers turn into regular users of its cab services. All the vehicles employed by Chertsey Taxis in its fleet are licensed and insured before use. The drivers who run these vehicles are licensed with the Elmbridge Borough Council and insured. They also undergo a Criminal Records Bureau check before being employed by Chertsey Taxis.

As its services have been created with the customer at the focus, Chertsey Taxis ensures that its team is polite and professional in its behaviour. Unlike other cab service providers in the town, the staff and drivers at Chertsey Taxis are always available to help you with your bookings, payments and route planning. Because it understands that the needs of every customer is different, Chertsey Taxis provides customised solutions. It is available 14 hours of the day, seven days of the week and 365 days a year to help you get where you want to go – be it a late-night wedding reception, an early morning trip to your Yoga class, or a late evening flight to New York. With its large fleet of vehicles, it can also serve all sizes of requests – a corporate or industrial trip evolving dozens of employees or a picnic with friends. Chertsey Taxis can also provide six and eight seater vehicles to its customers if requested. Apart from airport transfers at all major air hubs and corporate trips, Chertsey Taxis also offers its customers services to the area’s railway station and bus terminals.

The company has built its website with the ease of its customers in mind. The easy to use website can be found with the keyword taxi Chertsey in your search bar. The website will guide you on how to make a booking. If you cannot make a booking on your own and need help, you can call Chertsey Taxis office at 01932 301 301. Dedicated customer care or reservation agent will be available to answer your questions and help you book a cab. You can also make a particular taxi account on their website and find out more about their offers. Alternatively, you can fill the contact us form on the website, and a customer care agent will reach out to you on behalf of the taxi service to understand your requirements.

Chertsey Taxis also handles corporate accounts, both large and small ones. You can find all the information about setting up corporate accounts on their web portal. Managing a corporate account with Chertsey Taxis is easy as its staff is always available to provide customised solutions, which are often needed in corporate settings. You can open corporate accounts for both long journeys and short trips within the town or surrounding areas.

With years of experience, Chertsey Taxis is the best partner for your cab needs in and around the Weybridge area. The company’s drivers and staff have extensive knowledge of the town, its regions, and the routes to major attractions and transportation hubs in the area. Who would you plan your journey with – a service which is new to the town or one which has operated here for years and knows the area as the back of its palm?

Chertsey Taxis knows the answer, and it is prepared to live up to the promises it has made. Read More