Chemical-Free Ways to Keep Your Plants Free of Pests

No matter how beautiful your garden is, it’s not safe from being infested by pests. It’s indeed annoying to ascertain your precious plants being devoured by pests – all of your time and energy to stay your garden beautiful are being put into waste. You’ll keep an eye fixed on your garden to watch pests but you’ll only do such a lot if you don’t do anything about it – they’re going to not leave your garden not unless you’re taking action. Pests like snails, slugs, earwigs, aphids, and beetles love healthy plants and soil, and that they can become an enormous problem if they begin to infest your garden. However, fret not because there are tons of the way on how you’ll effectively get obviate them without spending an excessive amount of money. You’ll choose organic techniques or use pest control sprayers, or both. You could better take help from pest control Vancouver BC in this regard as well.


If you would like to urge obviate garden pests the natural way, here are some tips by landscaping Sydney artists you’ll want to think about the following:

  • Use apple vinegar and banana skin – Apple vinegar works wonders, and it also can be wont to eliminate insects around your garden. Place a cup of apple vinegar into a pop bottle, mix it with a cup sugar, a banana skin sliced into bits and pieces, and a cup of cold water. Shake the mixture, and tie the pop bottle to a coffee limb or simply place it on the bottom. The mixture is going to be toxic to the pests, making your garden pest-free.
  • Use white vinegar to eliminate mealy bugs – Mealy bugs are common garden pests, and one among the simplest ways to urge obviate them is to use white vinegar. Soak pieces of cotton buds in white vinegar and dab the bugs with them. White vinegar is toxic to those bugs in order that they are often easily eliminated using this easy but effective technique.
  • Use salt to urge obviate snails – an honest thanks to eliminate pest snails in your garden is by sprinkling salt into them. The salt will suck up the water in their body, dehydrating them. Since snails need water in their body to measure, once they get dehydrated, they’re going to die, saving your garden from further infestation. This technique has been used for ages by people with green thumb and even professionals in the gardening and landscaping industry.
  • Use wet paper to exterminate earwigs – Earwigs are among the foremost common pests found in gardens, and that they can become an enormous problem once they grow in number. An organic thanks to eliminate these pesky pests is to roll up a wet newspaper and make it intact by putting elastic band around it, then put it within the area where you see earwigs. Leave the paper overnight, then subsequent morning, you ought to see earwigs there. Dispose the paper and repeat the method until all the earwigs are gone.
  • Use companion plants to urge obviate bugs – differently to eliminate bugs in your garden is by planting companion plants that are aromatic. You’ll choose between basil, tansy, marigolds, and sage. Confirm to put these plants near your most precious garden plants therefore the bugs will stop infesting them. Apart from these companion plants are good in deterring pests, they will also make your garden look fuller.

These are just a few of the various organic and cost-efficient ways to eliminate pests in your garden. However, if all of those natural techniques don’t work, you can always get the services of landscaping Sydney company or professionals like pest control Burnaby who can certainly help you make your garden look fuller and more beautiful.