Chelsea: Living Large

Chelsea is an affluent area of South West London, known for smart boutiques, and high-end restaurants lining busy Kings Road. It is also a residential area, with even the smallest of properties commanding very high prices. If you are lucky enough to own a property in Chelsea and want to make it as desirable as you possibly can, local Chelsea decorator, David Banks Decorating can help you maximise your investment.

Whether you have recently purchased a property in Chelsea and are planning a full renovation, simply wish to make your Chelsea home as desirable as possible, or are getting ready to sell your Chelsea property, here are a few useful tips to help you on your way. What many people don’t know is that a freshly decorated interior and exterior of any home across the UK, will command prices on average ten percent higher than non-decorated properties. This means that a modest £250,000 home could sell for an extra £25,000 if fully decorated inside and out. In Central London it gets even better, as the percentage goes up to more like fifteen. That is an extra £150,000 on a million-pound property. A figure not to sniffed at, and many more times higher than the cost of the re-decoration itself.

So, how can a local Chelsea decorator help you maximise the value and appeal of your property? When looking to renovate and re-decorate your home it is a good idea to take a look at what is popular and trending at the time. If you haven’t updated your home for some time, you’ll be pleased and surprised at what is available. Technologies have advanced meaning there are more options available from smart appliances, to modern durable materials and mood lighting.

The first impression anybody gets when visiting a property is from the exterior, also referred to as “kerb appeal”. A professionally decorated exterior will instantly improve the look and impact of a property, whilst complimenting the area and other properties around it.

A popular trend for interior living spaces is open plan, bringing the kitchen, dining room, and living room together to create a sociable, and comfortable environment, enabling occupants to see and communicate with each other throughout the living space.

In these challenging times caused by COVID-19, more people are working from home than ever. If you are lucky enough to have sufficient space in your Chelsea property to dedicate some to a home, workspace, it is worthy of some investment in re-modelling and decoration. After all, if you are working from home, you will be spending a good proportion of your weekdays in this part of the house.

There is absolutely no doubt that regular interior re-decoration will improve and maintain the desirability of your Chelsea property. Visitors and potential buyers will be put off by dirty or peeling paintwork, mouldy sealant and loose tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, cracks in walls, ceilings, and plasterwork, and damaged and worn woodwork.

The services of a professional local Chelsea decorator will ensure the interior and exterior of your Chelsea property are correctly prepared and finished, making it look great and appeal to visitors and potential buyers alike, as well as commanding a higher sales value.