Checklist To Ensure An MOT Pass Certificate

If your vehicle has passed its three years mark of purchase, then it becomes mandatory for you to get its MOT done immediately. It is necessary to be done by a legal professional and authenticated test centre. MOT is done to check the roadworthiness of a vehicle.

MOT covers the examination of all the parts of the vehicle. If your car does not pass the test, you won’t be allowed to use it further. Therefore, it is significant to take the MOT test seriously. To help you pass your MOT Bolton we offer the following at home pre-checks that you must perform before taking your car to a test centre.


Cleanliness is next to godliness. God can possibly help your car to get through to the MOT test if it is clean. If the vehicle is clean, the representative checking the vehicle will find testing your car a cakewalk because dirt and dust will not irritate him.

Dirt is also responsible for the poor functioning of the parts of the vehicle. Dirt absorbs the lubricant, and hence hampers the intricacies of the components of a car. Therefore, keeping the car clean will increase the chances of clearing the MOT test for your vehicle.

Number plate

The way our name is our identity, the number plate is the identity of the car. If the number plate is not clean or readable because of rust, improper painting, clipped piece of the number plate, or anything else, it may not be able to appeal to the MOT test taker to pass the test.


All the parts of the car must be happy with you. Wipers are considered very important according to the MOT test designers. You may fail MOT certification if the wipers don’t clean the windscreen as expected. If the windscreen wipers are not working correctly, the vehicle is at risk along with the life of the driver.

It is not possible all the time for the driver to clean the windscreen; as a general practice, one can manage to get it cleaned every morning. But suppose the windscreen gets dirty because of something else after one leaf the home. Therefore, the proper functioning of the windscreen wipers is a necessity.

Well-being of tyres

Tyres Bolton must be in the appreciable conduction because these are the foundation of the vehicle. If the tyre tread, tyre pressure, or any another relevant parameter of tyres does not go hand in hand with the expectations of the MOT Bolton professional, the car will fail its MOT.

The tyre treads are essential for maintaining traction, friction, and many other parameters. Without adequate tyre pressure, the vehicle cannot bear high speed, and it is at risk of getting punctured, causing an immediate cause of concern.


Nights are the half parts of the days. The lights are needed while driving at night. People often assume less traffic at night and keep the vehicle at high speed. If you are also one of those who drive fast at night, please confirm whether the lights of the car are working properly or not.

If before giving your vehicle for an MOT test, any of the lights are not working correctly; it will not be given an MOT certificate because of the risk of mishap. You can drive your vehicle to us, in case you are unsure about your car’s shape. We offer all kinds of MOT Bolton.

That is not all; The Arches Garage Ltd will help you in all the possible manners to get your car through the MOT test. We also provide a range of car tyres Bolton options for you. Your safety is our topmost priority.