Smart Checklist for Buying a Used Trailer

Trailers are the engineless vehicle that uses other powered vehicles to stay functional. However, just like buying a truck or tractor, this is again an important investment that should be made considering a lot of things associated with trailers.

Buying a second-hand trailer is always the best bet, but it is important to not get caught for lemons. As nobody has extra money or time to spend on a bad deal. We have talked to experts and come up with killer tips that will simplify your search for a used trailer.

Looking for a second-hand trailer for sale? Before you agree to what you think is the best deal, here are the top 10 things you need to know about your purchase.

Inspect the Tires:

Tires are the essential element of any moving vehicle. check for the cracks, scratches, holes, matching size and capacity of a trailer tyre to determine the current condition of used tyres. If possible, determine the life expectancy or their hours of operation of the current tyres.

Test trailer Brakes:

If you notice that shoe pads are cracked or have signs of wear indicator in brakes, they may need replacing. But if there is no sign of wear indicator but brakes are weak, this can also pose a risk when coupled with another vehicle. It is suggested to check for the pads, drums, indicators, shoes, and a magnet for any sign of damage or non-operation.


Check for the cyclic chirping, squealing and growling sound on the wheels. Meanwhile, if you feel the motion of the wheels not smooth. This could be a sign of defective bearing that needs lubrication and wheel bearing replacement.

Cracks, bends or dents:

These signs of wear are never good for any equipment and significantly depicts that the integrity of trailers are negatively affected and will need to be replaced often. Inspect for any bumps or cracks on the frame that suggest the trailer is misused and needs high maintenance in years to come.


Absorbing load impact and facilitating movements, leaf springs are the important elements of a trailer’s suspension system. Check for the signs of cracks, defects and wear in them that could lead to suspension failure.


Carefully inspect the floor for the sign of rots, cracks and repairs. These will also indicate whether the trailer is used properly or not, at the previous job. Look for signs of deterioration or softness in a wooden floor frame and corrosion signs on an aluminium floor.

Divider and doors:

Check for the interior dividers, butt bars or breast bar and make sure the alignment is made correct. Similarly, make sure the doors and windows are latched properly and onboard to handle whatever is transported in trailers.

Trailer jack and tie-down:

Take a look whether the trailer jack is fitted correctly. Also, Make sure the tie-downs are not worn or damaged and decking bolts and screws are kept tight.

Previous ownership:

Buying a second-hand trailer for sale can pose a risk and the risk increases when the sellers are not genuine. Make sure the vehicle you buy is not borrowed or stolen and have proper documents involved in the purchase. Ask for a machine’s VIN (vehicle identification number) and get all the details regarding its manufacturing and services from the authorised service centres. There are many trusted dealers out there, look for the one that provides you with proper warranties and paperwork.

Price comparison:

Trailers hold their values well, thus finding a good deal for used trailers can be challenging. Though age and condition are the driving factors that influence the price. Various other factors that affect pricing are supply and demand, market conditions, brand, model and features, and reputation of the seller.

Let a professional inspect the trailer:

You might have a keen knowledge of trailers, but before committing to a deal for buying a used trailer, it is best to ask a skilled mechanic to inspect the equipment you are buying. Not only will they grab the smallest niggle in the machine structure, but they will also give you the correct insight into how much you need to spend on its maintenance and repair work.

Closing thought:

Do proper research and check for all online as well as offline dealers available to get the best deal out for a perfect second-hand trailer for sale. Lastly, follow the tips for buying a used trailer mentioned above and you will likely be rewarded with the right farm equipment that suits your need and budget


Sally Clason is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger. She has hands on experience in operations, digital marketing and business development in the technology industry.