Check out 5 tips for choosing bedding

Nowadays, there is nothing more pleasant than lying in a bed and relaxing after a long day of work and household chores, is it not? This is a time to balance your body and mind and prepare for the next day. However, to ensure a peaceful night’s rest, it is important to know how to choose custom upholstered bed, always combining beauty with quality and comfort.

Therefore, we will present, in today’s post, some fundamental tips for you to buy the best pieces. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to guaranteeing a much more cozy night’s sleep, the right decision can provide well-being, quality of life and even increase the decoration of the room. Are you ready? So, come on!

1. Choose the appropriate size

First of all, it is necessary to know the height of the mattress, to ensure that the chosen pieces are correct. In general, ordinary mattresses are about 18 cm high. However, when they are spring loaded, the height can vary from 26 cm to 46 cm.

In addition, you need to know exactly what your bed measures are, ensuring that nothing is missing or missing when placing the bedding. The main measures found in the market are:

single bed: measures 0.88 m wide by 1.88 m long, ideal for all people to relax with comfort and practicality, whether for a child, a teenager or an adult alone; widow’s bed: considered an option between the single bed and the double bed, with measures of approximately 1.00 m by 2.00 m, ideal for singles who like a little more space; traditional double bed: about 1.38 m by 1.88 m, considered one of the most common options in family homes, especially in couples’ rooms that have a smaller space; queen size bed: promotes more comfort and is about 1.58 m wide by 1.98 m long, ideal for more spacious couples seeking comfort; finally, the king size bed, considered the bed of kings, with measures of approximately 1.93 m by 2.03 m.

It is worth mentioning that, when choosing a bed linen, you must analyze the sizes described in the product and buy the one that fits perfectly on your mattress.

2. Analyze the softness of the parts

Another important point is to analyze the softness of the fabric. Whenever possible, opt for bedding that is more comfortable, but at the same time, has a good durability.

A good tip, to let you know which the best options are, is to check the wires of the items. This expression is related to the number of threads per square inch of fabric, that is, the more threads, the softer the piece.

Bed linen of 100 threads, for example, has 50 in the warp (longitudinal threads) and 50 in the weft (horizontal threads). The logic is the same for items of 200 wires, 400 wires and so on.

It is recommended that bedspreads and sheets have at least 150 threads, ensuring a more pleasant texture. Although they are products with a higher price, remember: more threads means more comfort, freshness and softness.

3. Know the fabrics

Nowadays, it is possible to find bedding, such as sheets, pillowcases, bedspreads and comforters, in the most varied fabrics. Therefore, it is interesting to know which are the main types, to make the right choice and leave satisfied. Check out:

Cotton: comfortable, natural, durable and versatile, it can provide a lot of softness, especially 100% cotton fabrics with 400 threads. It is the material considered as one of the most beloved and hardly provokes allergic reactions; microfiber: quite popular, it consists of a synthetic polyester fabric. For having a light soft touch, being anti-allergic and resistant, it is usually used in blankets and comforters; silk and satin: considered elegant and bold fabrics for bedding, they are visually very beautiful and have a pleasant texture to the touch. However, they are parts that retain heat. Therefore, they are not suitable fabrics for the hottest periods of the year; percale: characterized by being a more affordable fabric, the percale piece can be pure or mixed, but, in general, it is composed of 50% polyester and 50% cotton. It is a fresh option for warmer days and has good durability and softness.

4. Match the bedding to your style

When making the choice, it is also important to look for references of your individual style to give more personality to the environment. If, in your home, the main style is more classic, for example, invest in elegant products with more neutral tones.

For a more romantic decoration, it is worth looking for floral prints and colors in pastel colors. If your style is more modern, take advantage of different prints and vibrant colors.

5. Harmonize colors

And speaking of colors, it is necessary to harmonize them with the rest of the decoration of the environment. This means that, when you are choosing the pieces, it is interesting to look for those that have the same color palette as the other objects in the room – or in more neutral tones -, making the space more balanced.

It is also valid to create a harmony between the wall and the bed. For example: if you have a very patterned wallpaper or in more intense colors, prefer smooth pieces and in lighter tones. And the opposite is also true – if the wall is smooth and in a standard tone, it is possible to play more with the colors and patterns in the other items, highlighting the decoration of the place.

Now that you’ve seen our 5 fundamental tips for choosing custom upholstered headboards, don’t waste time and make the best choices, ensuring a much more comfortable and enjoyable night’s sleep. Remember that this is essential to provide adequate rest and, in addition, it is a way to make your room even more beautiful and well decorated.