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As per a health assessment report in 2020, compiled for results collected through a year from over 5 million subjects, only 38% of Indians remain out of the health-risk spectrum. Lifestyle diseases are on a steady rise owing to sedentary and unhealthy habits, thus increasing the risk factors for ailments like obesity, hypertension and diabetes.


Resisting the onset of such diseases is, however, possible with regular health assessment and making the changes required to propagate a healthier way of living. In this regard, healthcare management apps like the Bajaj Finserv HealthRx platform can help you evaluate your lifestyle and effectively assess your fitness level. Alongside, you can also keep track of family healthcare necessities collectively through the app, and reduce risks of these common diseases if you monitor your health properly with the HealthRx .


How to gauge your lifestyle choices with HealthRx?

The HealthRx app comes with variegated functionalities, of which its ‘Health Score’ allows users to track the impact of lifestyle choices on their health. A personalised health score is thus calculated based on the choices pertaining to your diet, exercise habits, physical and mental state of being, etc.


To get started with the health score and health risk assessment, individuals can download the app on their smartphones from the Google PlayStore or Apple App Store. Next, they need to provide their contact number and log in with OTP verification. Following this, they have to enter their name, gender and age to start using the app.


On completion of the registration process, users will need to open the ‘Health Score’ option on the app’s home page to initiate the assessment of how healthy their lifestyle is. Individuals will then have to answer a few questions divided into five categories. Each category has questions related to aspects like –


  • Age, height, weight and job type.
  • Dietary preference and daily exercises.
  • Daily physical activities, smoking and drinking habits and sleeping patterns.
  • Physical health history.
  • Mental health.


After these questions have been answered, the app will assess all entries and proffer the health score, thus allowing one to gauge how healthy his/her lifestyle is. Alongside, the app will also present a detailed report of the lifestyle diseases that the user is more likely to develop in the future.


At the end of the results presented, one will also find helpful tips about how to improve his/her health with suitable living choices. The app, thus, offers a detailed insight into individuals’ health and fitness, based on how they lead their life.


In this regard, users can also utilise the app to check their family healthcare and fitness, thus effectively integrating changes necessary to improve the entire family’s health.

Nonetheless, it is not adequate to merely check if you are leading a healthy lifestyle or not. It is also crucial to ensure that you have contingency measures in place, should you or any of your family members develop any lifestyle disease.


HealthRx facilities to counter lifestyle diseases

While the development of such diseases can be controlled with improved lifestyle choices, one should seek immediate medical help should they display any symptom of illnesses, whether alarming or subtle. The Bajaj Finserv HealthRx app, in this regard, can be a handy tool through which you can make availing medical services easier for better family healthcare.


Some of the ways through which the app can help you avail medical help are as follows –


  • Avail personalised healthcare packages

You can enjoy customised self and family healthcare packages for preventive check-ups, doctor or therapeutic consultation, health insurance, etc., which can make seeking medical services more accessible.


  • Track doctors in the vicinity and make appointments

The app also allows you to find doctors nearest to your location, as per your requirements and also facilitates making online appointments. You can, thus, avoid long queues and avail quality healthcare services without any hassle.


  • Seek online medical consultation

You can avail online consultation from doctors for yourself and your family through this app. On availing this service, your prescription will also be automatically uploaded to it.


With such benefits and much more, this app is a one-stop destination for all family healthcare needs.


Now, while this app has improved the accessibility of a healthier lifestyle, the increasing expenses accompanying advanced preventive and diagnostic family healthcare can be a deterrent for many.


Thus, to boost the affordability of medical treatment and its auxiliary services, financial institutions have introduced health EMI cards, through which you can pay for healthcare in No-Cost EMIs.

One such card, the Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card allows individuals to convert medical bills of 800+ treatments into EMIs with a funding value of up to Rs.4 lakh. It makes seeking quality healthcare much more affordable. The Bajaj Health Card hospital list includes some of the most illustrious facilities in the country, from where cardholders can seek medical care for the entire family without having to worry about hefty bills.


The applicability of these cards in over 5,500 partner outlets across more than 1,000 Indian cities makes funding medical care more accessible than ever. You can avail these cards with a nominal, one-time payment of Rs.707.

Thus, with the collective benefits of the HealthRx app and health cards, individuals can effectively ensure that they live healthier lives with a minimised burden of family healthcare funding.

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