Cheap Reseller Hosting UK 2022

The process of purchasing hosting from multiple companies and reselling to your customers is known as reseller hosting. The venture is one of the best ways to earn in 2022 and even in the future. It would be profitable possibly as long as the internet exists.

When you are a white-label reseller host, your clients never discover that you are a reseller host. Reseller hosting could be your side hustle as a web development agency or freelance web developer or the launching of a dedicated hosting business. In both cases, profitability is common. 

Keep in mind that you do not actually own the servers when you are a reseller host. Instead, the host owns them, maintains them and takes care of all hardware issues.  

This article is all about what makes reseller hosting a good business. Of course, that may make you want to buy one, so we will also mention the two best reseller hosting platforms. 

What Makes It A Profitable Business & Why You Should Find Cheap Reseller Hosting UK 

Everyone is talking about reseller hosting for a reason, in fact, reasons. Different factors add up in making the venture so popular. 

  1. Good Addon For Professionals

Having reseller hosting makes a lot of sense if you are a web developer or designer. If an individual or a company wants a website, they first contact a web developer or designer. Usually, designers receive the project and design the website. Hereafter, they refer their client to a web hosting company. 

Of course, when you are the hosting service provider, you do not have to send the client somewhere else. Host their website and enjoy more profits. It sets your position in the industry as a one-stop solution for a customer. Also, it is suitable for the customer, as he has a single vendor to deal with.   

  1. It Does Not Require Heavy Capital

Often, the only hurdle in executing good business ideas is capital. The excellent news is reseller hosting is not one of those businesses. There are no significant infrastructure costs, and anyone can start it quickly. 

You do not have to hire anyone initially, as the hosting company will be responsible in case of hardware failure. The only expense is the one you need for lesion server space. Start with basics, and you can scale up easily later. Low capital requirements often translate to heavy profit margins. You can start reselling WordPress hosting UK very easily.  

  1. There Is No Need for Technical Expertise

Web developers who include hosting services in their portfolio do not have to invest time and money in learning any new technologies or applications. Also, the providers will give you software WHMCS, which lets you control an entire business very quickly. WHMCS helps you keep payment records. If you find record-keeping difficult, WHMCS is no less than a blessing. On your behalf, it notifies customers about their payment status regularly. 

WHMCS is GUI-based, which means a graphical user interface. Therefore, you can manage everything very conveniently in an intuitive dashboard. For example, you can allocate permissions and add or delete your customers’ accounts. 

  1. Increasing Demand for Personalized Hosting Solutions

The majority of people have zero knowledge about how websites operate. A lay-tech audience like a shop owner would need a lot of guidance, which sometimes, traditional companies cannot provide. In most cases, their small support staff is handling thousands of customers. 

When clients need support, companies cannot provide it immediately. Resellers of hosting services cater to a specific demographic and serve a few customers. So the end-users get the most customized solutions and enjoy dedicated customer support.

Big Names of Reseller Hosting Industry

There are many reseller hosting companies in the industry, which make it tough to pick the best one. Here we will tell you about two names you can trust. 

  1. TheEmailShop

The top concerns while buying any hosting are availability, scalability, security, and performance. TheEmailShop takes all of these parameters seriously and provides you with the best white-label reseller web hosting you need to add a reliable income stream to your account and maintain a strong brand reputation. 

Whether you are an internet service provider, web hosting provider, or web developer, you can improve your revenue through dedicated server reseller hosting of TheEmailShop

TheEmailShop would help you achieve your hosting goals. For example, do you want to host one simple website or multiple high-traffic eCommerce websites? 

Sometimes, people just want to start a dedicated server hosting business. TheEmailShop’s team will even sit down with you to help you clarify your goals. 

TheEmailShop’s reseller hosting offers 99.9% network uptime since all their centres have network connections to top-tier bandwidth providers. Moreover, the data centres are located in eight different countries. You are free to pick anyone. 

TheEmailShop also provides WHMCS to help you manage your reselling business and its billing system. So if you are looking for cheap reseller hosting UK, TheEmailShop is one of the best options.  

  1. Grid Hosting

Grid Hosting offers outstanding reseller hosting packages with highly intuitive management tools like WHM and cPanel. Everything is impeccably managed and secure. 

User-friendly control panel, perfect disk space, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, IMAP, POP3 & SMTP Support, and Virus Scan & Spam Filter are available at good discounts. 

There are four pricing packages, named Blue, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, with many common features. Some examples are WHM, softaculous, and 24*7 support. In addition, all come with unlimited FTP accounts, databases, email accounts, sub-domain, parked domains, and add-ons. 

The differences lie in the number of cPanel, space, and bandwidth. For example, Blue provides 65 GB space, 1 TB bandwidth, and 40 cPanel accounts. Silver offers 130 GB space, 2 TB bandwidth, and 80 cPanel accounts. 

Upgrade to the most expensive package platinum and get 220 cPanel accounts, unlimited space, and unlimited bandwidth.    

The Final Verdict

Reseller hosting is a rewarding business. However, it may take some time to build up an empire. Patience and efforts in the right direction are the keys to success.