Cheap Cubesat by KSF Space Foundation

Are you looking for an organization that provides you cost-efficient satellites for your university?

Do you want to buy some satellites in your university for research purposes?

It’s not easy to run a university and provide enough equipment to work on them quickly. Universities require lots of budgets to complete the requirements of their labs.

However, if your university deals with astronomy and satellite-related research, we have good news for you. KSF Space Foundation is keen to provide such universities and educational institutes an economic equipment, particularly satellites.

Let’s fully get into it!

KSF Space Foundation

KSF Space Foundation is a nonprofit organization in the USA. It supports many fields, such as associating people who are experienced in finishing or completing small satellite missions to those having partial experience at an average cost. It allows institutions worldwide to discover and employ everything that the market offers without losing a significant budget.

Keeping in view the KSF Space Foundation mission, they offer many services like building and interrogating small satellites and launch services.

Initially, the KSF Space Foundation was created to provide economic access to the LEO with a flying solution having zero impact on the environment.

You can access space and LEO for research purposes in different fields such as satellite positioning discovery, atmosphere science, biological experiments, measuring earth magnetic field, and much more.

CubeSat Kits by KSF Space Foundation

KSF Space Foundation has announced a novel CubeSat board for their CubeSat education kits as part of its education outreach project. This CubeSat board system is capable of flying and is developed by Dr. Kayyali and his team. KSF Space Foundation always tries to produce something cost-efficient.

The same is the case here. The novel CubeSat board system is very cost-effective, especially for educational institutes in developing and developed countries. The universities can easily buy it within their lab budget; you don’t need to raise further funds or ask for donations.

Dr. Kayyali is the chairman of the KSF Space Foundation. He has stated about this CubeSat kit that the universities and schools can quickly develop their project with a small budget. They don’t have to get funding.

The novel board system is designed, constructed, and tested as a circuit board for the placement of the CubeSat in space at an altitude of 250km. You can independently stack and attach the electronic bus board unit when you want.

This board is lighter in weight and has a small size and low power apparatus and usage, making it cost-efficient. KSF Space Foundation also provides you an excellent opportunity to launch your nanosatellite or satellite CubeSat to an altitude of up to 40 Km to test and collect data about climate change. You can employ these satellites for different research purposes required by the university.

This CubeSat kit KSF Space Foundation is the world’s cheapest CubeSat in minor satellite industries for research and education. The foundation also offers registration to its credited Nanosatellite Engineering Professional certification (NEP Certificate) for three applicants after buying the CubeSat kit.

Final Verdict

CubeSat kit is the most inexpensive equipment for satellites. You can buy and utilize it for your minor school and university projects. We would recommend you get it as you don’t have to invest a large amount of money in it. You can employ it in different fields for different experiments.


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