Cheap 24 Hour Car Insurance Is Your Best Bet to Protect Your Finances Today

There are a number of websites which claim that they can help drivers to get cheap 24 hour car insurance. But not all service providers are that genuine and some may be engaged in fraudulent practices as well. Regardless of whether you want buy auto insurance for a single day (24 hours) or an annual car cover, there are number factors that go into determining overall affordability of the premium. But depending on your need for driving car, you can make the right choice of coverage. Besides, it is important that you know how to insure the vehicle that you are going to drive even for a single day. An approach with proper education about the subject might help you to protect your finances in a much better way.   

We specializes in providing education to drivers all over the United States about the ways in which car insurance costs can be reduced without compromising on the coverage levels. We also provide expert help online to get and compare the best as well as the cheapest free quote estimates online within minutes.

When should you buy cheap one day or 24 hour auto insurance?

While it is possible to get one single day or 24 hour car insurance, you may be surprised to learn that companies don’t advertise the coverage as one day auto insurance. Most of the insurers sell this type of car coverage in the form of temporary vehicle insurance. And you may need 24 hour auto insurance in certain unique situations especially when you are not owner of the vehicle that you are going to drive for a single day. For example, you might need to borrow a car from friend or relative for a day’s work out or may be required to get one on rent from a rental company. In such a case, the existing policy will not cover an unlisted driver. You can consider purchasing a 24 hour or one day car insurance cover in such type of a situation.   

There could be few other circumstances in which buying cheap 24 hour car insurance may be useful. These are as mentioned below:

1.  To insure a classic or vintage car – Classic cars are rarely used usually they stay parked in house garages. But as an owner, you may be required to drive your classic vehicle for some occasion or exhibition and so, it may need a day’s insurance. Most of the insurers cover vintage cars for their full market value and so, your finances will remain protected if your classic car meets with an accident.

2. You want insurance based on usage – Buying a usage based auto insurance cover may be ideal if you are going to drive your vehicle only for a single day. The premium will be low and easy to afford in such a condition.

3. You feel the need to insure yourself – Some drivers drive cars without any insurance. Thankfully, In some states, drivers are allowed to purchase self-insurance. Getting a 24 hour car insurance could be one of the most viable options in the absence of car coverage. Or else you may have to bear costs for damages post an accident involving a borrowed or leased vehicle for a single day. It will be quite easier to secure single day car insurance if you already have it covered for fire and theft. You will feel much safer on road as you are aware that your finances are protected.         

4. You want to take test drive of a car – A single day auto insurance coverage can also protect your finances if you intend to test drive car(s) for choosing the right type of vehicle for your specific circumstances. 

5. You want to drive a car that is stored in garage for long – You can also think of purchasing 24 hour vehicle insurance if you want to drive your car that has been stored in your home garage previously.  

Last but not the least, it is advisable to get a car insured even if you don’t own it as the probability of meeting with an accident or collision can never be ruled out. You can talk to one of our local experts to know more about current trends in one day or 24 hour auto insurance rates. can also assist you to find out if you can get the cheap no down payment auto insurance quote through a process that is absolutely simple, easy and hassle-free online. Take advantage of our online specialist services online to secure a solution that specifically caters to your driving needs and fits your budget.


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